kernel news – 15.07.2013

Posted: July 15, 2013 in kernel

*drumroll* Kernel 3.11-rc1 is here!

It’s been two weeks, and the merge window has closed. If I missed
anything, holler, but I don’t have anything pending that I am aware

This merge window was smaller in terms of number of commits than the
3.10 merge window, but we actually have more new lines. Most of that
seems to be in staging – a full third of all changes by line-count is
staging, and merging in Lustre is the bulk of that. Let’s see how that
all turns out, I have to say that we don’t have a great track record
on merging filesystems through staging.

Ignoring the lustre merge, I think this really was a somewhat calmer
merge window. We had a few trees with problems, and we have an
on-going debate about stable patches that was triggered largely thanks
to this merge window, so now we’ll have something to discuss for the
kernel summit. But on the whole, I suspect we might be starting to see
the traditional summer slump (Australia notwithstanding).

Despite being a bit smaller than the last merge window, it’s not like
this was a _tiny_ one, and so as usual I’m only summarizing with the
normal -rc1 mergelog: and as usual the people credited here are *not*
the people who actually wrote the code (although in some cases that is
true), they are the people who I merged the code from.

Hey, let’s all start testing,


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