kernel news – 10.07.2013

Posted: July 10, 2013 in kernel

-Ben Myers has XFS updates for -rc1:

Please pull these XFS updates for 3.11-rc1. This includes several bugfixes,
part of the work for project quotas and group quotas to be used together,
performance improvements for inode creation/deletion, buffer readahead, and
bulkstat, implementation of the inode change count, an inode create
transaction, and the removal of a bunch of dead code. There are also some
duplicate commits that you already have from the 3.10-rc series.

-There are a few fixes for btrfs from Chris Mason:

This Btrfs pull is available in two flavors:

First, my for-linus branch has it against all the btrfs pulls from 3.10:

git:// for-linus

Or, with a merge commit on top of 3.10 (master branch):

git:// master

I did it this way because the 3.10 merge was pretty much empty and you
probably don’t want my merge commit at the top.

There’s a trivial conflict with your current master involving a printk spelling
fix, but these are otherwise clean and tested against your current tree.

These are the usual mixture of bugs, cleanups and performance fixes. Miao has
some really nice tuning of our crc code as well as our transaction commits.

Josef is peeling off more and more problems

-Sage Weil and ceph:

There is some follow-on RBD cleanup after the last window’s code drop, a
series from Yan fixing multi-mds behavior in cephfs, and then a sprinkling
of bug fixes all around. Some warnings, sleeping while atomic, a null
dereference, and cleanups.

-Helge Deller announces PARISC updates:

PA-RISC updates for v3.11 include a gcc miscompilation fix,
gzip-compressed vmlinuz support, a fix in the PCI code for ATI FireGL
support on c8000 machines, a fix to prevent that %sr1 is being clobbered
and a few smaller optimizations and documentation updates.

-Chris Ball has a MMC pull request:

– Add support for eMMC 5.1 devices.
– Add MMC_CAP_AGGRESSIVE_PM capability for aggressive power management
of eMMC/SD between requests, using runtime PM.
– Add an ioctl to perform the eMMC 4.5 Sanitize command; sample code at:

– dw_mmc: Add support for Rockchip’s Cortex-A9 SoCs.
– dw_mmc: Add support for Altera SoCFPGAs.
– sdhci-esdhc-imx: Add support for 8-bit bus width, non-removable cards.
– sdhci-bcm-kona: New driver for Broadcom Kona (281xx) SoCs.
– sdhi/tmio: Add DT DMA support.

-David Miller and networking:

This is a re-do of the net-next pull request for the current merge
window. The only difference from the one I made the other day is that
this has Eliezer’s interface renames and the timeout handling changes
made based upon your feedback, as well as a few bug fixes that have
trickeled in.


1) Low latency device polling, eliminating the cost of interrupt
handling and context switches. Allows direct polling of a network
device from socket operations, such as recvmsg() and poll().

Currently ixgbe, mlx4, and bnx2x support this feature.

Full high level description, performance numbers, and design in
commit 0a4db187a999c4a715bf56b8ab6c4705b524e4bb (“Merge branch

From Eliezer Tamir.

2) With the routing cache removed, ip_check_mc_rcu() gets exercised
more than ever before in the case where we have lots of multicast
addresses. Use a hash table instead of a simple linked list, from
Eric Dumazet.

3) Add driver for Atheros CQA98xx 802.11ac wireless devices, from
Bartosz Markowski, Janusz Dziedzic, Kalle Valo, Marek Kwaczynski,
Marek Puzyniak, Michal Kazior, and Sujith Manoharan.

4) Support reporting the TUN device persist flag to userspace, from
Pavel Emelyanov.

5) Allow controlling network device VF link state using netlink, from
Rony Efraim.

6) Support GRE tunneling in openvswitch, from Pravin B Shelar.

7) Adjust SOCK_MIN_RCVBUF and SOCK_MIN_SNDBUF for modern times, from
Daniel Borkmann and Eric Dumazet.

8) Allow controlling of TCP quickack behavior on a per-route basis,
from Cong Wang.

9) Several bug fixes and improvements to vxlan from Stephen Hemminger,
Pravin B Shelar, and Mike Rapoport. In particular, support
receiving on multiple UDP ports.

10) Major cleanups, particular in the area of debugging and cookie
lifetime handline, to the SCTP protocol code. From Daniel

11) Allow packets to cross network namespaces when traversing tunnel
devices. From Nicolas Dichtel.

12) Allow monitoring netlink traffic via AF_PACKET sockets, in a manner
akin to how we monitor real network traffic via ptype_all. From
Daniel Borkmann.

13) Several bug fixes and improvements for the new alx device driver,
from Johannes Berg.

14) Fix scalability issues in the netem packet scheduler’s time queue,
by using an rbtree. From Eric Dumazet.

15) Several bug fixes in TCP loss recovery handling, from Yuchung

16) Add support for GSO segmentation of MPLS packets, from Simon

17) Make network notifiers have a real data type for the opaque
pointer that’s passed into them. Use this to properly handle
network device flag changes in arp_netdev_event(). From Jiri
Pirko and Timo Teräs.

18) Convert several drivers over to module_pci_driver(), from Peter

19) tcp_fixup_rcvbuf() can loop 500 times over loopback, just use
a O(1) calculation instead. From Eric Dumazet.

20) Support setting of explicit tunnel peer addresses in ipv6, just
like ipv4. From Nicolas Dichtel.

21) Protect x86 BPF JIT against spraying attacks, from Eric Dumazet.

22) Prevent a single high rate flow from overruning an individual cpu
during RX packet processing via selective flow shedding. From
Willem de Bruijn.

23) Don’t use spinlocks in TCP md5 signing fast paths, from Eric

24) Don’t just drop GSO packets which are above the TBF scheduler’s
burst limit, chop them up so they are in-bounds instead. Also
from Eric Dumazet.

25) VLAN offloads are missed when configured on top of a bridge, fix
from Vlad Yasevich.

26) Support IPV6 in ping sockets. From Lorenzo Colitti.

27) Receive flow steering targets should be updated at poll() time
too, from David Majnemer.

28) Fix several corner case regressions in PMTU/redirect handling
due to the routing cache removal, from Timo Teräs.

29) We have to be mindful of ipv4 mapped ipv6 sockets in
upd_v6_push_pending_frames(). From Hannes Frederic Sowa.

30) Fix L2TP sequence number handling bugs, from James Chapman.


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