kernel news – 17.07.2013

Posted: July 17, 2013 in kernel

-The only news today is related to Myron Stowe’s announcement regarding
Linux Plumbers and an ACPI/PM and PCI microconference. Here are the details:

Linux Plumbers has approved an ACPI/PM, PCI microconference. The
overview page is here:

We would like to start receiving volunteers for presenting topics of
interest. There is a lot of activity in these subsystems so please
respond by submitting presentation or discussion proposals that you
would be willing to cover for consideration. You should also feel
free to submit ideas as proposals that others could cover. The
instructions for submitting ideas should be at:

This is the “Plumbers” conference so topics concerning userspace
interaction with the kernel and not just topics concerning pure kernel
subsystem internals would be greatly welcomed. As a possible aid
towards promoting topics for submissions we have listed a few
candidates that seem to meet the criteria in the microconference
proposals wiki located at

Last year, we had a good discussion on general issues in PCI space –
that also might be worth giving updates on.

If you have topics that you would like to add, wait until the
instructions get posted at the link above. If you are impatient, feel
free to email me directly (but probably best to drop the broad mailing
lists from the reply).


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