kernel news – 13.08.2012

Posted: August 13, 2012 in kernel

-John W. Linville has wireless updates, Ben Hutchings announces the release of kernel 3.2.27,
and David Miller updates network

Most importantly this should cure the ipv4-mapped ipv6 socket TCP
crashes some people were seeing, otherwise:

1) Fix e1000e autonegotiation handling regression, from Tushar

2) Fix TX data corruption race on e1000e down, also from Tushar

3) Fix bfin_sir IRDA driver build, from Sonic Zhang.

4) AF_PACKET mmap() tests a flag in the TX ring shared between
userspace and the kernel for an internal consistency check. It
really shouldn’t do this to validate the kernel’s own behavior
because the user can corrupt it to be any value at all. From
Daniel Borkmann.

5) Fix TCP metrics leak on netns dismantle, from Eric Dumazet.

6) Orphan the anonymous TCP socket from the SKB in
ip_send_unicast_reply() so that the rest of the stack
needn’t see it. Otherwise we get selinux problems of
all sorts, from Eric Dumazet.

This is the best way to fix this since the socket is just a
place holder for sending packets in a context where we have
no real socket at all.

7) Fix TUN detach crashes, from Stanislav Kinsbursky.

8) dev_set_alias() leaks memory on krealloc() failure, from Alexey

9) FIB trie must use call_rcu() not call_rcu_bh(), because this code
is not universally invoked from software interrupts. From Eric

10) PPTP looks up ipv4 routes with the wrong network namespace, fix from
Gao Feng.


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