kernel news – 04.09.2012

Posted: September 4, 2012 in kernel

-Linus Torvalds announces 3.6-rc4:

The kernel summit is over, and most people have either returned or are
returning from San Diego.

Probably as a result of lots of maintainers having been away, it’s
been pretty quiet – despite it being ten days (rather than the usual
week) since -rc3.

The statistics look a bit unusual, too, likely for the same reason.
It’s 40% architecture work (powerpc, x86, mips, arm), and 20% btrfs
(late pull request of fixes, because I rejected an earlier bigger pull
request). Just 20% drivers, mainly some drm updates (the bulk being
radeon) and some block driver things (libata and drbd).

Shortlog appended, as you can see it’s just fairly random. I’m hoping
we’re entering the boring/stable part of the -rc windows, and that
things won’t really pick up speed just because people are getting

-David Miller has a pull req for networking:

1) NLA_PUT* –> nla_put_* conversion got one case wrong in
nfnetlink_log, fix from Patrick McHardy.

2) Missed error return check in ipw2100 driver, from Julia Lawall.

3) PMTU updates in ipv4 were setting the expiry time incorrectly, fix
from Eric Dumazet.

4) SFC driver erroneously reversed src and dst when reporting filters
via ethtool.

5) Memory leak in CAN protocol and wrong setting of IRQF_SHARED in
sja1000 can platform driver, from Alexey Khoroshilov and Sven

6) Fix multicast traffic scaling regression in ipv4_dst_destroy, only
take the lock when we really need to. From Eric Dumazet.

7) Fix non-root process spoofing in netlink, from Pablo Neira Ayuso.

8) CWND reduction in TCP is done incorrectly during non-SACK recovery,
fix from Yuchung Cheng.

9) Revert netpoll change, and fix what was actually a driver specific
problem. From Amerigo Wang. This should cure bootup hangs with
netconsole some people reported.

10) Fix xen-netfront invoking __skb_fill_page_desc() with a NULL page
pointer. From Ian Campbell.

11) SIP NAT fix for expectiontation creation, from Pablo Neira Ayuso.

12) __ip_rt_update_pmtu() needs RCU locking, from Eric Dumazet.

13) Fix usbnet deadlock on resume, can’t use GFP_KERNEL in this
situation. From Oliver Neukum.

14) The davinci ethernet driver triggers an OOPS on removal because it
frees an MDIO object before unregistering it. Fix from Bin Liu.


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