kernel news – 07.08.2012

Posted: August 7, 2012 in kernel

-David Miller has some networking updates:

1) Missed rcu_assign_pointer() in mac80211 scanning, from Johannes Berg.

2) Allow devices to limit the number of segments that an individual
TCP TSO packet can use at a time, to deal with device and/or driver
specific limitations. From Ben Hutchings.

3) Fix unexpected hard IPSEC expiration after setting the date. From
Fan Du.

4) Memory leak fix in bxn2x driver, from Jesper Juhl.

5) Fix two memory leaks in libertas driver, from Daniel Drake.

6) Fix deref of out-of-range array index in packet scheduler generic
actions layer. From Hiroaki SHIMODA.

7) Fix TX flow control errors in mlx4 driver, from Yevgeny Petrilin.

8) Fix CRIS eth_v10.c driver build, from Randy Dunlap.

9) Fix wrong SKB freeing in LLC protocol layer, from Sorin Dumitru.

10) The IP output path checks neigh lookup errors incorrectly, it
needs to use IS_ERR(). From Vasiliy Kulikov.

11) An estimator leak leads to deref of freed memory in timer handler,
fix from Hiroaki SHIMODA.

12) TCP early demux in ipv6 needs to use DST cookies in order to
validate the RX route properly. Fix from Eric Dumazet.


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