kernel news – 25.11.2012

Posted: November 25, 2012 in kernel

-Neil Brown has a pull request for md:

Coming a bit late to the -rc party, but here are some bug fixes found
recently through testing, regular usages, and code inspection.

Most worrying is a data corruption risk when ‘replacing’ devices in a RAID10.
Maybe most interesting is that generic DISCARD support requires granularity to
be a power of two, so RAID5 cannot make the granularity be one-stripe in
most cases. This probably makes DISCARD on raid5 less than useful.
Hopefully the generic code will get fixed.

-David Miller updates SPARC and networking:

Networking bug fixes, Cacio e Pepe edition:

1) BNX2X accidently accesses chip rev specific registers without
an appropriate guard, fix from Ariel Elior.

2) When we removed the routing cache, we set ip_rt_max_size to
~0 just to keep reporting a value to userspace via sysfs.
But the ipv4 IPSEC layer was using this to tune itself which
is completely bogus to now do. Fix from Steffen Klassert.

3) Missing initialization in netfilter ipset code from Jozsef

4) Check CTA_TIMEOUT_NAME length properly in netfilter cttimeout code,
fix from Florian Westphal.

5) After removing the routing cache, we inadvertantly are caching
multicast routes that end up looping back locally, we cannot do
that legitimately any more. Fix from Julian Anastasov.

6) Revert a race fix for 8139cp qemu/kvm that doesn’t actually work
properly on real hardware. From Francois Romieu.

7) Fixup errors in example command lines in VXLAN device docs.

-Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo updates perf/urgent, and that’s about it for now.


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