kernel news – 01.12.2012

Posted: December 1, 2012 in kernel

-John W. Linville has a pull request for wireless, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk
updates Xen, Mark Salter has C6x fixes for 3.7, H. Peter Anvin updates
x86, Ingo Molnar has perf fixes and a RCU fix and also a scheduler
fix for autogroups:

Larger and scarier than what I’d like to have so I marked it
[RFC], but the autogroup fix looks important enough – it’s
enabled in a number of distros.

[ The other reason for the RFC: unfortunately the new feature
flag change “sched: Add WAKEUP_PREEMPTION feature flag, on by
default” got added weeks ago and got stuck below the autogroup
fix – I can rebase and untangle it if it’s a problem. (It is
not expected to cause any change in behavior or problems.) ]

-Steven Whitehouse writes an e-mail titled “GFS2: Pre-pull patch posting (merge window)”:

So yes, this is a bit early, but the tree seems to have settled down
now, and I’d like to hold off any further feature patches until the
subsequent merge window at this stage.

The main feature this time is the new Orlov allocator and the patches
leading up to it which allow us to allocate new inodes from their own
allocation context, rather than borrowing that of their parent directory.
It is this change which then allows us to choose a different location
for subdirectories when required. This works exactly as per the ext3
implementation from the users point of view.

In addition to that, we’ve got a speed up in gfs2_rbm_from_block()
from Bob Peterson, three locking related improvements from Dave
Teigland plus a selection of smaller bug fixes and clean ups.


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