kernel weekly news – 28.01.12

Posted: January 28, 2012 in kernel

Howdy there! Let’s see what’s the news this week!

-Nicolas Ferre has at91 updates for -rc2, Rafael
J. Wysocki has PM fixes for 3.3, Taakshi Iwai has
sound fixes, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo has perf/core
improvements and fixes and David Miller has a networking
pull request:

1) Fix JIT code generation on x86-64 for divide by zero, from Eric Dumazet.

2) tg3 header length computation correction from Eric Dumazet.

3) More build and reference counting fixes for socket memory cgroup
code from Glauber Costa.

4) module.h snuck back into a core header after all the hard work we
did to remove that, from Paul Gortmaker and Jesper Dangaard Brouer.

5) Fix PHY naming regression and add some new PCI IDs in stmmac, from
Alessandro Rubini.

6) Netlink message generation fix in new team driver, should only advertise
the entries that changed during events, from Jiri Pirko.

7) SRIOV VF registration and unregistration fixes, and also add a
missing PCI ID, from Roopa Prabhu.

8) Fix infinite loop in tx queue flush code of brcmsmac, from Stanislaw Gruszka.

9) ftgmac100/ftmac100 build fix, missing interrupt.h include.

10) Memory leak fix in net/hyperv do_set_mutlicast() handling, from Wei Yongjun.

11) Off by one fix in netem packet scheduler, from Vijay Subramanian.

12) TCP loss detection fix from Yuchung Cheng.

13) TCP reset packet MD5 calculation uses wrong address, fix from Shawn Lu.

14) skge carrier assertion and DMA mapping fixes from Stephen Hemminger.

15) Congestion recovery undo performed at the wrong spot in BIC and CUBIC
congestion control modules, fix from Neal Cardwell.

16) Ethtool ETHTOOL_GSSET_INFO is unnecessarily restrictive, from Michał Mirosław.

17) Fix triggerable race in ipv6 sysctl handling, from Francesco Ruggeri.

18) Statistics bug fixes in mlx4 from Eugenia Emantayev.

19) rds locking bug fix during info dumps, from your’s truly.

Please pull, thanks a lot.

-Benjamin Herrenschmidt has some powerpc fixes, Keith Packard has
fixes for drm-intel (“A bunch of patches which fix IVB-specific troubles:

* A selection of code which was labeled for SNB, but needs to be run on
IVB as well.

* A replacement for the quick-hack IVB lost-IRQ issue. This appears to
help on SNB as well, but for now it’s only enabled on IVB in case we
discover problems with it.

* Fix some 3-pipe issues

And, a couple of minor mode setting fixes.”) and Tyler Hicks has some ecryptfs
fixes for -rc2 :

Tim’s logging message update will be really helpful to users when
they’re trying to locate a problematic file in the lower filesystem with
filename encryption enabled.

You’ll recognize the fix from Li, as you commented on that.

You should also be familiar with my setattr/truncate improvements, since
you were the one that pointed them out to us (thanks again!). Andrew
noted the /dev/ecryptfs write count sanitization needed to be improved,
so I’ve got a fix in there for that along with some other less important
cleanups of the /dev/ecryptfs read/write code.

They’ve all sat in -next for at least a day, while some have been there
around a week, I believe.

I’ll get signed tags going for the next pull request I send. That was my
intention this time, but it just hit me that I forgot to do it.

-Greg KH announces the release of, 3.2.2 and 3.0.18, Dave Airlie
has some drm fixes, mostly radeon-related, Geert Uytterhoeven has m68k updates
for 3.3 and Ingo Molnar has core, perf and x86 fixes.

-Olof Johansson has arm-soc fixes for -rc, and this concludes this week’s news.


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