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kernel news – 12.12.2013

Posted: December 12, 2013 in kernel
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-Greg Kroah-Hartman announces kernels 3.4.74, 3.10.24 and 3.12.5 .

-Olof Johansson announces ARM SoC updates for -rc :

Another week, another batch of fixes.

Again, OMAP regressions due to move to DT is the bulk of the changes here,
but this should be the last of it for 3.13. There are also a handful of
OMAP hwmod changes (power management, reset handling) for USB on OMAP3
that fixes some longish-standing bugs around USB resets.

There are a couple of other changes that also add up line count a bit:
One is a long-standing bug with the keyboard layout on one of the
PXA platforms. The other is a fix for highbank that moves their
power-off/reset button handling to be done in-kernel since relying on
userspace to handle it was fragile and awkward.