kernel news – 09.12.2013

Posted: December 9, 2013 in kernel

-Tracing updates from Steven Rostedt :

A regression showed up that there’s a large delay when enabling
all events. This was prevalent when FTRACE_SELFTEST was enabled which
enables all events several times, and caused the system bootup to
pause for over a minute.

This was tracked down to an addition of a synchronize_sched() performed
when system call tracepoints are unregistered.

The synchronize_sched() is needed between the unregistering of the
system call tracepoint and a deletion of a tracing instance buffer.
But placing the synchronize_sched() in the unreg of *every* system call
tracepoint is a bit overboard. A single synchronize_sched() before
the deletion of the instance is sufficient.

-Linus Torvalds announces 3.13-rc3 :

.. I’m still on a Friday release schedule, although I hope that
changes soon – the reason I didn’t drag this one out to Sunday is that
it’s already big enough, and I’ll wait until things start calming

Which they really should, at this point. Hint hint. I’ll start
shouting at people for sending me stuff that isn’t appropriate as
we’re starting to get later into the release candidates.

That said, it’s not like rc3 is somehow unmanageably large or that
anything particularly scary has happened. I’d have *liked* for it to
be smaller, but I always do.. And nothing particularly nasty stands
out here.

The bulk here is drivers (net, scsi, sound, crypto..) and ARM DT
stuff, but there’s the usual randon stuff too, with arch updates
(pa-risc, more ARM, x86) and some filesystem and networking updates.

-Greg Kroah-Hartman has USB fixes :

Nothing major, but we seem to have an argument about a XHCI fix, so I’m not
including a revert that Sarah requested, because that breaks a USB network
driver, and I can’t revert the USB network driver fix without reintroducing
other bugs that it fixed. So as it is, everything should now be
working. Worse case, I can revert the XHCI fix before 3.13-final is
out, but it seems to work well here with my testing, so all should be

-Greg also has updates for char/misc, staging and TTY/serial.

-Dmirty Torokhov has input updates :

[…]an update to
ALPS to support devices on Dell XT2 (hopefully working better this time
around and although it is largish it should not affect any other ALPS
devices) and a tiny update to Elantech driver to support newer devices
as well. Also a coupe of new input event codes have been defined.

-Greg KH also announces kernels 3.4.73, 3.10.23 and 3.12.4 .

-Dave Airlie and DRM :

this is probably a bit big, but just because I fell behind last week and
didn’t get to doing any pulls, so stuff backed up behind me, I actually
should have sent this for -rc3 but failed to even manage that,

So this has radeon, intel, nouveau, vmware, exynos and tegra fixes in it,
and the line count isn’t all the bad in the end.


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