kernel news – 06.12.2013

Posted: December 6, 2013 in kernel

-Takashi Iwai has sound fixes :

A usual pattern of half ASoC and half HD-audio fixes, although
HD-audio fixups have more volumes, in addition to a couple of
trivial fixes. Nothing to worry much is found here.

For ASoC side: a few fixes for PCM rate constraints calculations,
regmap byte-order fix, the rest driver specific fixes (atmel, fsl,
omap, kirkwood, wm codecs).

For HD-audio: Dell headset and mono out fix, ELD update in polling
mode, ALC283 Chromebook fixes, a few fixes for old AD codecs and
MBA2,1 regression fix.

-Daniel Lezcano and clocksource/clockevents :

* Axel Lin removed the bcm_timer_ids which are no longer used due to the conversion to clksrc-of and added a missing dependency on CLKSRC_MMIO in the Kconfig for the time-efm32.

* Dinh Nguyen fixed read_sched_clock to return the right value for the dw_apb_timer.

* Ezequiel Garcia registered the sched clock after the counter, thus preventing time jump in the traces for the armada-370-xp.

* Marc Zyngier stopped the timer before enabling the irq in order to prevent it to be fired before the clockevent is registered for the sunxi.

* Thierry Reding removed a of_node_put in clksrc-of because the reference is not held.

-NFS client fixes from Trond Myklebust :

– Stable fix for a NFSv4.1 delegation and state recovery deadlock
– Stable fix for a loop on irrecoverable errors when returning delegations
– Fix a 3-way deadlock between layoutreturn, open, and state recovery
– Update the MAINTAINERS file with contact information for Trond Myklebust
– Close needs to handle NFS4ERR_ADMIN_REVOKED
– Enabling v4.2 should not recompile nfsd and lockd
– Fix a couple of compile warnings

-John W. Linville and a wireless pull request :

For the mac80211 bits, Johannes says:

“For now I have various fixes all over, mostly for issues introduced in
relatively recent patches. There’s no real pattern to it. Some of the
issues like go back longer, but still seemed 3.13 material.”


“These are just two patches disabling the broken CSA code. Once this
goes into your tree I’ll merge it into mac80211-next and revert there
(since we fixed the bugs there).”

For the iwlwifi bits, Emmanuel says:

“I have here a few fixes for BT Coex. One of them is a NULL pointer
dereference. Another one avoids to enable a feature that can make the
firmware unhappy since the firmware isn’t ready for it yet. WE also
avoid a WARNING that can be triggered upon association in not-so-bad
cases even if the association succeeded. We add support for new NICs
(not yet on the market) and bump the API so that 3.13 will be able to
work with the new firmware that will be out soon hopefully.
I also have a boundary check from Johannes.”

In addition to those…

– Arend van Spriel fixes a brcmfmac problem that could use an
uninitialized variable in an error path.

– Borislav Petkov fixes a Kconfig-based build breakage problem for

– Michal Nazarewicz fixes a couple of NULL pointer dereference problems
in ath9k and wcn36xx.

– Sujith Manoharan fixes a couple of ath9k problems related to
incorrect interpretation of EEPROM configuration data.

– Ujjal Roy fixes a memory leak in mwifiex.

-Jens Axboe has block fixes :

A small collection of fixes for the current series. It contains:

– A fix for a use-after-free of a request in blk-mq. From Ming Lei.

– A fix for a blk-mq bug that could attempt to dereference a NULL rq if
allocation failed.

– Two xen-blkfront small fixes.

– Cleanup of submit_bio_wait() type uses in the kernel, unifying that.
From Kent.

– A fix for 32-bit blkg_rwstat reading. I apologize for this one looking
mangled in the shortlog, it’s entirely my fault for missing an empty
line between the description and body of the text.


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