kernel news – 02.12.2013

Posted: December 2, 2013 in kernel

-David Miller has a networking-related pull request :

Here is a pile of bug fixes that accumulated while I was in Europe.

1) In fixing kernel leaks to userspace during copying of socket
addresses, we broke a case that used to work, namely the user
providing a buffer larger than the in-kernel generic socket address
structure. This broke Ruby amongst other things. Fix from Dan

2) Fix regression added by byte queue limit support in 8139cp driver,
from Yang Yingliang.

3) The addition of MSG_SENDPAGE_NOTLAST buggered up a few sendpage
implementations, they should just treat it the same as MSG_MORE.
Fix from Richard Weinberger and Shawn Landden.

4) Handle icmpv4 errors received on ipv6 SIT tunnels correctly,
from Oussama Ghorbel. In particular we should send an ICMPv6
unreachable in such situations.

5) Fix some regressions in the recent genetlink fixes, in particular
get the pmcraid driver to use the new safer interfaces correctly.
From Johannes Berg.

6) macvtap was converted to use a per-cpu set of statistics, but some
code was still bumping tx_dropped elsewhere. From Jason Wang.

7) Fix build failure of xen-netback due to missing include on some
architectures, from Andy Whitecroft.

8) macvtap double counts received packets in statistics, fix from
Vlad Yasevich.

9) Fix various cases of using *_STATS_BH() when *_STATS() is more
appropriate. From Eric Dumazet and Hannes Frederic Sowa.

10) Pktgen ipsec mode doesn’t update the ipv4 header length and
checksum properly after encapsulation. Fix from Fan Du.


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