kernel news – 22.11.2013

Posted: November 22, 2013 in kernel

-John W. Linville and wireless :

For the Bluetooth bits, Gustavo says:

“A few fixes for 3.13. There is 3 fixes to the RFCOMM protocol. One
crash fix to L2CAP. A simple fix to a bad behaviour in the SMP

On top of that…

Amitkumar Karwar sends a quintet of mwifiex fixes — two fixes related
to failure handling, two memory leak fixes, and a NULL pointer fix.

Felix Fietkau corrects and earlier rt2x00 HT descriptor handling fix
to address a crash.

Geyslan G. Bem fixes a memory leak in brcmfmac.

Larry Finger address more pointer arithmetic errors in rtlwifi.

Luis R. Rodriguez provides a regulatory fix in the shared ath code.

Sujith Manoharan brings a couple ath9k initialization fixes.

Ujjal Roy offers one more mwifiex fix to avoid invalid memory accesses
when unloading the USB driver.

-Nicholas A. Bellinger and target updates:

[…] things have been quiet this round with
mostly bugfixes, percpu conversions, and other minor iscsi-target
conformance testing changes.

The highlights include:

– Add demo_mode_discovery attribute for iscsi-target (Thomas)
– Convert tcm_fc(FCoE) to use percpu-ida pre-allocation
– Add send completion interrupt coalescing for ib_isert
– Convert target-core to use percpu-refcounting for se_lun
– Fix mutex_trylock usage bug in iscsit_increment_maxcmdsn
– tcm_loop updates (Hannes)
– target-core ALUA cleanups + prep for v3.14 SCSI Referrals
support. (Hannes)

v3.14 is currently shaping to be a busy development cycle in target
land, with initial support for T10 Referrals and T10 DIF currently on
the roadmap.

-Networking news from David Miller:

1) Fix memory leaks and other issues in mwifiex driver, from Amitkumar

2) skb_segment() can choke on packets using frag lists, fix from
Herbert Xu with help from Eric Dumazet and others.

3) IPv4 output cached route instantiation properly handles races
involving two threads trying to install the same route, but we
forgot to propagate this logic to input routes as well. Fix
from Alexei Starovoitov.

4) Put protections in place to make sure that recvmsg() paths never
accidently copy uninitialized memory back into userspace and also
make sure that we never try to use more that sockaddr_storage for
building the on-kernel-stack copy of a sockaddr. Fixes from Hannes
Frederic Sowa.

5) R8152 driver transmit flow bug fixes from Hayes Wang.

6) Fix some minor fallouts from genetlink changes, from Johannes Berg
and Michael Opdenacker.

7) AF_PACKET sendmsg path can race with netdevice unregister notifier,
fix by using RCU to make sure the network device doesn’t go away
from under us. Fix from Daniel Borkmann.


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