kernel news – 21.11.2013

Posted: November 21, 2013 in kernel

-Rafael J. Wysocki has ACPI and PM fixes for -rc1 :

These commits were produced after I had sent my previous pull request.
A couple of them fix bugs introduced in that pull request, some fix issues
that have been present for a longer time, some add support for new hardware
and there is a series changing the way in which ACPI companion device objects
are associated with struct device things representing actual devices.


– ACPI-based device hotplug fixes for issues introduced recently and
a fix for an older error code path bug in the ACPI PCI host bridge

– Fix for recently broken OMAP cpufreq build from Viresh Kumar.

– Fix for a recent hibernation regression related to s2disk.

– Fix for a locking-related regression in the ACPI EC driver from
Puneet Kumar.

– System suspend error code path fix related to runtime PM and
runtime PM documentation update from Ulf Hansson.

– cpufreq’s conservative governor fix from Xiaoguang Chen.

– New processor IDs for intel_idle and turbostat and removal of
an obsolete Kconfig option from Len Brown.

– New device IDs for the ACPI LPSS (Low-Power Subsystem) driver and
ACPI-based PCI hotplug (ACPIPHP) cleanup from Mika Westerberg.

– Removal of several ACPI video DMI blacklist entries that are not
necessary any more from Aaron Lu.

– Rework of the ACPI companion representation in struct device and
code cleanup related to that change from Rafael J Wysocki,
Lan Tianyu and Jarkko Nikula.

– Fixes for assigning names to ACPI-enumerated I2C and SPI devices
from Jarkko Nikula.

-Helge Deller has PARISC updates :

– revert an access_ok() patch which broke 32bit userspace on 64bit kernels
– avoid a gcc miscompilation in two internal pa_memcpy() functions by not inlining those
– do not export the definition of SOCK_NONBLOCK via uapi header (fixes build of audit package)
– depending on the fault type we now correctly report either SIGBUS or SIGSEGV
– a small fix to not compare a size_t variable for < 0

-Squashfs updates from Phillip Lougher :

These patches optionally improve the multi-threading peformance
of Squashfs by adding parallel decompression, and direct
decompression into the page cache, eliminating an intermediate
buffer (removing memcpy overhead and lock contention).

-Greg KH announces kernels 3.4.70, 3.10.20, 3.11.9 and 3.12.1 .

-Bjorn Helgaas announces PCI updates:

– Avoid CPU switch for .probe() methods (Alexander Duyck)
– Restore work_on_cpu() lockdep annotation (Bjorn Helgaas)
– Remove duplicate disable from pcie_portdrv_remove() (Yinghai Lu)
– Fix whitespace, capitalization, and spelling errors (Bjorn Helgaas)

-SLAB changes from Pekka Enberg :

The patches from Joonsoo Kim switch mm/slab.c to use ‘struct page’ for slab
internals similar to mm/slub.c. This reduces memory usage and improves

Rest of the changes are bug fixes from various people.


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