kernel news – 19.11.2013

Posted: November 19, 2013 in kernel

-Roland Dreier and Infiniband:

Main batch of InfiniBand/RDMA changes for 3.13:

– Re-enable flow steering verbs with new improved userspace ABI
– Fixes for slow connection due to GID lookup scalability
– IPoIB fixes
– Many fixes to HW drivers including mlx4, mlx5, ocrdma and qib
– Further improvements to SRP error handling
– Add new transport type for Cisco usNIC

-Wim Van Sebroeck has a watchdog pull request:

This pull request contains:
* addition of MOXA ART watchdog driver (moxart_wdt)
* addition of CSR SiRFprimaII and SiRFatlasVI watchdog driver (sirfsoc_wdt)
* addition of ralink watchdog driver (rt2880_wdt)
* various fixes and cleanups (__user annotation, ioctl return codes,
removal of redundant of_match_ptr, removal of unnecessary amba_set_drvdata(),
use allocated buffer for usb_control_msg, …)
* removal of MODULE_ALIAS_MISCDEV statements
* watchdog related DT bindings
* first set of improvements on the w83627hf_wdt driver

-Wolfram Sang and i2c :


here is the pull request from the i2c subsystem for 3.13:

* new drivers for exynos5, bcm kona, and st micro
* bigger overhauls for drivers mxs and rcar
* typical driver bugfixes, cleanups, improvements
* got rid of the superfluous ‘driver’ member in i2c_client struct
This touches a few drivers in other subsystems. All acked.

There is one conflict because of the INIT_COMPLETION to
reinit_completion rename. linux-next has a proper fix.

The topmost patch has not been in linux-next, yet it is trivial and a
bugfix which I wanted to have in this request. All the rest has
linux-next coverage.


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