kernel news – 15.11.2013

Posted: November 15, 2013 in kernel

-Mauro Carvalho Chehab has media updates for -rc1:

This series include:
– a new Remote Controller driver for ST SoC with the
corresponding DT bindings;
– a new frontend (cx24117);
– a new I2C camera flash driver (lm3560);
– a new mem2mem driver for TI SoC (ti-vpe);
– support for Raphael r828d added to r820t driver;
– some improvements on buffer allocation at VB2 core;
– usual driver fixes and improvements.

…and some build fixes:

While most of them are just build fixes, there are some fixes for
real bugs, as there are a number of drivers using dynamic stack
allocation. A few of those might be considered a security risk, if
the i2c-dev module is loaded, as someone could be sending very long
I2C data that could potentially overflow the Kernel stack. Ok, as
using /dev/i2c-* devnodes usually requires root on usual distros,
and exploiting it would require a DVB board or USB stick, the risk
is not high.

PS.: this patch series should be applied after my previous pull request
“[GIT PULL for v3.13-rc1] media updates” that I sent today.

-Eric Paris and updates to the audit tree:

Nothing amazing. Formatting, small bug fixes, couple of fixes where we
didn’t get records due to some old VFS changes, and a change to how we
collect execve info…

There is a merge conflict which sfr has been carrying in linux-next in
fs/exec.c due to some changes in the bprm handling. It is easy for you
to solve. My instructions to sfr on solving the conflict was:

1) Take everything of Linus’s
2) delete the 4 line audit_bprm() block of code
3) call audit_bprm() inside exec_binprm() just before
trace_sched_process_exec(). Note: audit_bprm() now returns void.

-Paolo Bonzini announces KVM changes:

Not using -rc1 as usual as the base, because the PPC guys based
their 3.13 work on something after -rc4, and decided to do the same
for KVM-PPC. The above commit comes just after -rc5; the backmerge
is commit 13acfd571514 (Powerpc KVM work is based on a commit after rc4).

With all the work going into PPC, there were unfortunately some duplicate
commits, and with them came conflicts. Your tree has already the correct
version of the affected files, except for arch/powerpc/kernel/traps.c
which has bad coding style in your tree and good in ours.

Here are the 3.13 KVM changes. There was a lot of work on the PPC
side: the HV and emulation flavors can now coexist in a single kernel
is probably the most interesting change from a user point of view.
On the x86 side there are nested virtualization improvements and a
few bugfixes. ARM got transparent huge page support, improved
overcommit, and support for big endian guests.

Finally, there is a new interface to connect KVM with VFIO. This
helps with devices that use NoSnoop PCI transactions, letting the
driver in the guest execute WBINVD instructions. This includes
some nVidia cards on Windows, that fail to start without these
patches and the corresponding userspace changes.

-John W. Linville has a wireless-related pull request:

Amitkumar Karwar offers a quartet of mwifiex fixes, including an
endian fix and three fixes for invalid memory access.

Avinash Patil trims the packet length value for packets received from
an SDIO interface.

Colin Ian King fixes a NULL pointer dereference in the rtlwifi
efuse code.

Dan Carpenter cleans-up an mwifiex integer underflow, a potential
libertas oops, a memory corrupion bug in wcn36xx, and a locking issue
also in wcn36xx.

Dan Williams helps prism54 devices to avoid being misclassified as
Ethernet devices.

Felipe Pena fixes a couple of typo errors, one in rt2x00 and the
other in rtlwifi.

Janusz Dziedzic corrects a pair of DFS-related problems in ath9k.

Larry Finger patches three rtlwifi drivers to correctly report signal
strength even for an unassociated AP.

Mark Cave-Ayland rewrites some endian-illiterate packet type extraction
code in rtlwifi.

Stanislaw Gruszka addresses an rt2x00 regression related to setting
HT station WCID and AMPDU density parameters.

Sujith Manoharan corrects the initvals settings for AR9485.

Ujjal Roy patches an obscure bit of code in mwifiex that was using
the wrong definition of eth_hdr when briding patches in AP mode.

Wei Yongjun fixes a couple of bugs: one is a return code handling
bug in libertas; and, the other is a locking issue in wcn36xx.

-Joerg Roedel and IOMMU:

* Tracepoints for certain IOMMU-API functions to make
their use easier to debug
* A tracepoint for IOMMU page faults to make it easier
to get them in user space
* Updates and fixes for the new ARM SMMU driver after
the first hardware showed up
* Various other fixes and cleanups in other IOMMU drivers

-SPARC updates from David Miller:

There is a minor conflict with patches Andrew submitted to you today,
one of his patches is fixing the error handling in the sparc64 page
table SLAB handling, whereas the 47-bit physical address support patch
series in this pull request deletes all of the sparc64 page table SLAB
code entirely.

So just take the removal in your merge conflict resolution.

1) Implement support for up to 47-bit physical addresses on sparc64.

2) Support HAVE_CONTEXT_TRACKING on sparc64, from Kirill Tkhai.

3) Fix Simba bridge window calculations, from Kjetil Oftedal.

-Dave Airlie has a DRM pull request for -rc1:

This is a combo of -next and some -fixes that came in in the intervening time,

new drivers: ARM Armada driver for Marvell Armada 510 SOCs

Intel: Broadwell initial support under a default off switch,
Stereo/3D HDMI mode support
Valleyview improvements
Displayport improvements
Haswell fixes
initial mipi dsi panel support
CRC support for debugging
build with CONFIG_FB=n

Radeon: enable DPM on a number of GPUs by default
secondary GPU powerdown support
enable HDMI audio by default
Hawaii support

nouveau: dynamic pm code infrastructure reworked, does nothing major yet
GK208 modesetting support
MSI fixes, on by default again
PMPEG improvements
pageflipping fixes

GMA500: minnowboard SDVO support

vmware: misc fixes

msm: prime, plane and rendernodes support

tegra: rearchitected to put the drm driver into the drm subsystem.
HDMI and gr2d support for tegra 114 SoC

qxl: oops fix, and multi-head fixes

drm core: sysfs lifetime fixes
client capability ioctl
further cleanups to device midlayer
more vblank timestamp fixes


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