kernel news – 14.11.2013

Posted: November 14, 2013 in kernel

-edac/calxeda from Robert Richter :

The patches mostly contain updates for the Calxeda Highbank driver. I
will maintain this driver in the future, so I also added a MAINTAINERS
file update which was acked by Rob Herring and Borislav Petkov.

Note that I have used my oprofile tree for this pull request, though
these changes are not related to oprofile. This tree was available to
me for putting the changes into linux-next. I am currently in the
process to setup a more generic tree for future use that is also
pulled by linux-next.

-MTD changes from Brian Norris :

* Unify some compile-time differences so that we have fewer uses of
#ifdef CONFIG_OF in atmel_nand
* Other general cleanups (removing unused functions, options, variables,
fields; use correct interfaces)
* Fix BUG() for new odd-sized NAND, which report non-power-of-2 dimensions via
* Miscellaneous driver fixes (SPI NOR flash; BCM47xx NAND flash; etc.)
* Improve differentiation between SLC and MLC NAND — this clarifies an ABI
issue regarding the MTD “type” (in sysfs and in ioctl(MEMGETINFO)), where
the MTD_MLCNANDFLASH type was present but inconsistently used
* Extend GPMI NAND to support multi-chip-select NAND for some platforms
* Many improvements to the OMAP2/3 NAND driver, including an expanded DT
binding to bring us closer to mainline support for some OMAP systems
* Fix a deadlock in the error path of the Atmel NAND driver probe
* Correct the error codes from MTD mmap() to conform to POSIX and the Linux
Programmer’s Manual. This is an acknowledged change in the MTD ABI, but I
can’t imagine somebody relying on the non-standard -ENOSYS error code
specifically. Am I just being unimaginative?
* Fix a few important GPMI NAND bugs (one regression from 3.12 and one
long-standing race condition)
* More? Read the log!

-Ingo Molnar has scheduler, x86 and perf updates :

* Fix segfault on perf trace -i, from Namhyung Kim.

* Fix segfault with –no-mmap-pages, from David Ahern.

* Don’t force a refresh during progress update in the TUI, greatly reducing
startup costs, fix from Patrick Palka.

* Fix sw clock event period test wrt not checking if using > max_sample_freq.

* Handle throttle events in ‘object code reading’ test, fix from Adrian Hunter.

* Prevent condition that all sort keys are elided, fix from Namhyung Kim.

* Round mmap pages to power 2, from David Ahern.

And a number of late arrival changes:

* Add summary only option to ‘perf trace’, suppressing the decoding of
events, from David Ahern

* ‘perf trace –summary’ formatting simplifications, from Pekka Emberg.

* Beautify fifth argument of mmap() as fd, in ‘perf trace’, from Namhyung Kim.

* Add direct access to dynamic arrays in libtraceevent, from Steven Rostedt.

* Synthesize non-exec MMAP records when –data used, allowing the resolution of
data addresses to symbols (global variables, etc), by Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo.

* Code cleanups by David Ahern and Adrian Hunter.

-Ben Myers has an XFS update for -rc1 :

Please pull these XFS updates for 3.13-rc1. It’s kind of a random
assortment. There is more rearrangement to make libxfs sync with the
kernel, the differences between v2 and v3 were abstracted into an ops
vector, xfs_inactive was reworked, along with the preallocation and hole
punch codepaths. Plenty of bugfixes, and cleanups too.


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