kernel news – 22.10.2013

Posted: October 22, 2013 in kernel

-Jiri Kosina has HID updates:

– a partial revert of exponent parsing changes to make “Unit” exponent
item work properly again, by Nikolai Kondrashov
– a few new device IDs additions piggy-backing, by AceLan Kao and David

-Dave Kleikamp has “Just a patch to fix an oops in an error path” for jfs,
Peter De Schrijver has Tegra updates, while Gustavo Padovan has
Bluetooth updates :

One more big pull request for 3.13. These are the patches we queued during
last week. Here you will find a lot of improvements to the HCI and L2CAP and
MGMT layers with the main ones being a better debugfs support and end of work
of splitting L2CAP into Core and Socket parts.

-Dave Airlie and DRM fixes:

2 vmwgfx fixes, radeon revert to avoid a regression, i915 fixes, and some
ioctl sizing issues fixed with 32 on 64.

-Takashi Iwai announces sound fixes:

The pending last-minute ASoC fixes, all of which are driver-local
(tlv320aic3x, rcar, pcm1681, pcm1792a, omap, fsl) and should be
pretty safe to apply.

I hoped the rc6 pull request would have been the last one, but
it happens always so. All good small fixes, so it’d be nice to
be in 3.12.

-Greg KH announces kernels 3.4.67 and 3.0.101, with a note on
the latter:

I will NOT be doing any more 3.0.x kernel releases. If you rely on the
3.0.x kernel series, you should now move to the 3.10.x kernel series,
or, at the worse case, 3.4.x. Note, 3.4.x will only be maintained for
one more year, so your time is limited on that as well.


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