kernel news – 24.09.2013

Posted: September 24, 2013 in kernel

-Greg KH announces USB fixes for -rc2:

One is a revert of a EHCI change that isn’t quite ready for 3.12. Others are
minor things, gadget fixes, Kconfig fixes, and some quirks and documentation

All have been in linux-next for a bit.

-Gustavo Padovan and bluetooth:

First Bluetooth fixes to 3.12, it includes:

* 3 patches to add device id for 3 new hardwares.

* 2 patches from Johan to fix the rfkill behaviour during setup stage

* a small clean up in the rfcomm TTY code that fixes a potential racy
condition (by Gianluca Anzolin)

* 2 fixes to proper set encryption key size and security level in the
peripheral role of Bluetooth LE devices. (by Andre Guedes)

* a fix for dealing devices where pairing is not necessary, we were keeping
the Bluetooth ACL connection alive for too much time. (by Syam Sidhardhan)

-And, since we spoke of -rc2, here it is, as announced by Linus:

I really should have moved my release schedule back to Sunday – it got
messed up by me releasing on Labor Day, and now it’s been on Monday
ever since.

But hey, I didn’t. So here it is, a full week later, the rc2 release.

Things have been fairly quiet, probably because lots of people were
traveling for LinuxCon and Linux Plumbers conference last week. So
nothing very exciting stands out. It’s mainly driver updates/fixes
(gpu drivers stand out, but there’s networking too, and smaller stuff
all over). Apart from drivers there’s arch updates (tile/arm/mips) and
some filesystem noise (mainly btrfs).

The shortlog is borderline too big to be really readable, but I’m
appending it anyway.


-Mike Snitzer has device mapper fixes for 3.12:

A few fixes for dm-snapshot, a 32 bit fix for dm-stats, a couple error
handling fixes for dm-multipath. A fix for the thin provisioning target
to not expose non-zero discard limits if discards are disabled.

Lastly, add two DM module parameters which allow users to tune the
emergency memory reserves that DM mainatins per device — this helps fix
a long-standing issue for dm-multipath. The conservative default
reserve for request-based dm-multipath devices (256) has proven
problematic for users with many multipathed SCSI devices but relatively
little memory. To responsibly select a smaller value users should use
the new nr_bios tracepoint info (via commit 75afb352 “block: Add nr_bios
to block_rq_remap tracepoint”) to determine the peak number of bios
their workloads create.


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