kernel news – 17.09.2013

Posted: September 17, 2013 in kernel

-Linus announces kernel 3.12-rc1:

So it’s been two weeks, and the merge window for 3.12 is now closed.

The git trees have been updated, the tar-balls and patches should be
out too, and here’s my “short mergelog” for the merge window: it’s
kind of like “git shortlog”, except it names the person I merged from
(_not_ necessarily the author of the actual work, but the maintainer
who sent me the pull request) along with a very short description of
what the pull was for.

In general, this merge window was fairly normal. About 73% drivers,
12% architecture updates, and 6% filesystems. The rest falls under

I personally particularly like the scalability improvements that got
merged this time around. The tty layer locking got cleaned up and in
the process a lot of locking became per-tty, which actually shows up
on some (admittedly odd) loads. And the dentry refcount scalability
work means that the filename caches now scale very well indeed, even
for the case where you look up the same directory or file (which could
historically result in contention on the per-dentry d_lock).

But those things aren’t noticeable on normal machines, I’m just odd
and tend to get excited about improvements to our dentry cache. Just
because it’s one of the more interesting parts of the core code to me

So most other people will probably care more about all the driver
updates that actually affect more everyday life.

Go forth and test,



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