kernel news – 11.09.2013

Posted: September 11, 2013 in kernel

-MMC updates for -rc1:

MMC highlights for 3.12:
– Support Allocation Units 8MB-64MB in SD3.0, previous max was 4MB.
– The slot-gpio helper can now handle GPIO debouncing card-detect.
– Read supported voltages from DT “voltage-ranges” property.

– dw_mmc: Add support for ARC architecture, and support exynos5420.
– mmc_spi: Support CD/RO GPIOs.
– sh_mobile_sdhi: Add compatibility for more Renesas SoCs.
– sh_mmcif: Add DT support for DMA channels.

-Mike Snitzer has device-mapper updates:

Add the ability to collect I/O statistics on user-defined regions of a
device-mapper device. This dm-stats code required the reintroduction of a
div64_u64_rem() helper, but as a separate method that doesn’t slow down
div64_u64() — especially on 32-bit systems.

Allow the error target to replace request-based DM devices (e.g.
multipath) in addition to bio-based DM devices.

Various other small code fixes and improvements to thin-provisioning, DM
cache and the DM ioctl interface.

-Al Viro has small vfs changes, Jesper Nilsson has CRIS updates and Grant
Likely has minor device tree updates.

-Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo has perf/urgent fixes:

. Handle files with no tracepoints in ‘perf trace’, fixing a

. Fix up MMAP2 buffer space reservation, a problem that was caught via
‘perf test’ consistency tests.

. Add attr->mmap2 support in the tools, a patch that should’ve been merged
together with the kernel counterpart:

13d7a24 “perf: Add attr->mmap2 attribute to an event”.

Merging it allowed us to catch the MMAP buffer space reservation problem
via ‘perf test’. From Stephane Eranian.

. Make sure we can find PERF_SAMPLE_ID in the variable part of
ring buffer records in ‘perf kvm’, where direct manipulation of
sample_type was being done.

Fixed by making use of the perf_evlist__set_sample_bit() helper and by
setting the evlist->id_pos in perf_evlist__open(), from Adrian Hunter.

-John W. Linville has wireless updates:


This is a pull request for a few early fixes for the 3.12 stream.

Alexey Khoroshilov corrects a use-after-free issue on rtl8187 found by the
Linux Driver Verification project.

Arend van Spriel provides a brcmfmac patch to fix a build issue reported
by Randy Dunlap.

Hauke Mehrtens offers a bcma fix to properly account for the storage width
of error code values before checking them.

Solomon Peachy brings a pair of cw1200 fixes to avoid hangs in that driver
with SPI devices. One avoids transfers in interrupt context,
the other fixes a locking issue.

Stanislaw Gruszka changes the initialization of the rt2800 driver to avoid
a freeze, addressing a bug in the Red Hat bugzilla.

Please let me know if there are problems!

-Maybe this is of interest for some of you: an eulogy for Linus’ SSD:

The timing absolutely sucks, but it looks like the SSD in my main
workstation just died on me.

I had pushed out _most_ of my pulls today, so realistically I didn’t lose
a lot of work. However, any people having outstanding pull requests or
patches that they expected me to merge that are not in the current tree on, you may want to re-send the email, because I had archived
emails as I merged them, and I may not have found all the ones that never
made it out.. I know a few involved, but….

That said, wait until tomorrow. I’ll try to see if I can recover the disk,
but right now my machine refuses to even see the boot sector on it, and
tries to boot from the network instead. So I’m not all that hopeful.

If worst comes to worst, I’ll just do the last next days of the merge
window on the laptop that I was planning on finishing it off with anyway,
since I have travel coming up. At least this didn’t happen at the very
beginning of the merge window…

-Benjamin Herrenschmidt has a few powerpc fixes:

Here are a handful of small powerpc fixes. A couple of section mismatches
(always worth fixing), a missing export of a new symbol causing build
failures of modules, a page fault deadlock fix (interestingly that bug has
been around for a LONG time, though it seems to be more easily triggered
by KVM) and fixing pseries default idle loop in the absence of the cpuidle
drivers (such as during boot).

-Anton Vorontsov has battery changes for 3.12-release:

New drivers:

– APM X-Gene system reboot driver by Feng Kan and Loc Ho (APM).

– Qualcomm MSM reboot/poweroff driver by Abhimanyu Kapur (Codeaurora).

– Texas Instruments BQ24190 charger driver by Mark A. Greer (Animal Creek

– Texas Instruments TWL4030 MADC battery driver by Lukas Märdian and Marek
Belisko (Golden Delicious Computers). The driver is used on Freerunner
GTA04 phones.

Highlighted fixes and improvements:

– Suspend/wakeup logic improvements: power supply objects will block
system suspend until all power supply events are processed. Thanks to
Zoran Markovic (Linaro), Arve Hjonnevag and Todd Poynor (Google).


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