kernel news – 10.09.2013

Posted: September 10, 2013 in kernel

-Dave Airlie announces a few fixes:

Daniel had some fixes queued up, that were delayed, the stolen memory ones
and vga arbiter ones are quite useful, along with his usual bunch of
stuff, nothing for HSW outputs yet,

the one nouveau fix is for a regression I caused with the poweroff stuff.

-Neil Brown has an md update for kernel 3.12:

Headline item is multithreading for RAID5 so that more IO/sec can be
supported on fast (SSD) devices.
Also TILE-Gx SIMD suppor for RAID6 calculations and an assortment of bug

-Ben Myers has XFS updates for -rc1:

Most of this is related to
the libxfs kernel/userspace sync, there is also project quota work,
performance work in the log, recovery, and the CIL. User namespace
support has been added, directory entries now have file type support,
there is work to cleanup log space reservations, a bunch of spelling
cleanups, and bug fixes.


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