kernel news – 19.08.2013

Posted: August 19, 2013 in kernel

-Linus announces 3.11-rc6 as follows:

It’s been a fairly quiet week, and the rc’s are definitely shrinking.
Which makes me happy.

Sure, we had an interesting rang handling bug in the TLB invalidation
code, but that was an older bug and apparently really hard to hit in
practice. That said, it could explain a couple of random SIGSEGV’s
etc, so if you’ve seen odd behavior maybe you’ve been hit by it, and
3.11-rc6 will fix it. Knock wood.

Other than that, it’s more random changes: network drivers, usb,
sound, and a few filesystem fixes. With x86, ARM and a few small m68k
updates. But it’s really been pretty quiet. The appended shortlog
gives the details for those who care.

.. and since the statistics on this rc were pretty boring, I started
looking at bigger numbers. We’ve now used git for over eight years,
and we have almost 400k commits in that time. That’s interesting (to
me), because back in the BK days we were approaching the (back then)
limit of 65k commits in BK in the three years we used it. So we’ve
long since blown through that limit.

And those almost 400 thousand commits? They all fit in a 575MB
pack-file (plus a 85MB index file). Now, that’s with more aggressive
packing than most people probably do, but I think it’s interesting how
the last eight years of very active history ends up having almost
exactly the same size as the whole unpacked source tree. In fact, I
think that you need more free space for the object files of doing a
build than you need for remembering all that history.

I’ll try to remember to do some more interesting/relevant statistics
for the rc7 release, because that should coincide with the 22nd
anniversary of the original Linux announcement on comp.os.minix.

How time flies when you’re having fun..


-Greg KH starts the reviews of 3.0.92-stable,
3.4.59-stable and 3.10.8-stable.

-Dave Airlie has DRM fixes, nothing out of the ordinary though…

-Steven Whitehouse has a GFS2 pull request:

Out of these five patches, the one for ensuring that the number of
revokes is not exceeded, and the one for checking the glock is not
already held in gfs2_getxattr are the two most important. The latter
can be triggered by selinux.

The other three patches are very small and fix mostly fairly
trivial issues.

-Ingo Molnar has three “fixlets” for timer.


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