kernel news – 29.07.2013

Posted: July 29, 2013 in kernel

-Greg KH announces kernels 3.0.88, 3.2.49, 3.4.55 and 3.10.4.

-Looks like a busy Monday, as Linus Torvalds announces 3.11-rc3:

Another week, another -rc.

And please just forget about me telling you people to get back to work
last week. You got. -rc3 has about 50% more commits than -rc2 did.
Part of it is that a few people missed rc2, but part of it is that
people just sent me more. Please stop. It’s summer. It’s nice outside.
Take the kids to the pool or something. Send me just regression fixes.

Otherwise I’ll have to start shouting at people again.

Anyway, remember how I asked people to test the backlight changes in
rc2 because things like that have really bad track records? Yup. That
all got reverted. It fixed things for some people, but regressed for
others, and we don’t do that “one step forward, two steps back” thing.
But never fear, we have top people looking at it.

The crc t10 dif crypto supprt got reverted too, since there were
initrd infrastructure problems with it.

But the bulk here is some block driver updates (drbd, rsxx, xen,
bcache, libata), and the drm changes (mostly qxl, but there’s changes
to the “big tree” too: radeon, intel, nouveau). And various random
other drivers – usb, scsi, pincontrol, etc.

There’s also the usual arch updates (mainly alpha, arm, powerpc).

Full shortlog since rc2 appended. It’s big enough that I debated doing
just a merge-window style “mergelog” overview, but hey, maybe people
enjoy this kind of detail?


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