kernel news – 25.07.2013

Posted: July 25, 2013 in kernel

-Dave Airlie has drm qxl fixes:

Okay as I warned, the qxl driver was running a bit free and loose with its
ttm object reservations and the new lockdep enabled reservation tracking
shone a bright light into it, it also with the new reservations mutexes
hits a possible deadlock during boot.

the first patch is a real fix to render the console correctly as the
driver used to just drop irq renderering as too hard, this also fixes
a sleeping while atomic warning.

the second two patches are the big ugly ones that redo how the driver
allocates objects and reserves them and makes things all work properly,
I’ve tested this in a VM, and compared to the current code which hits
a lockdep warning and the sleep while atomic warning before failing.

So sorry this is coming in late, I should have tested qxl before merging
the mutex code, but I’d rather just fix qxl with this than revert the
reservations code at this point.

-John W. Linville has wireless updates:

This is another batch of fixes intended for the 3.11 stream. FWIW,
this is the first request with fixes from the mac80211 and iwlwifi
trees as well.

Regarding the mac80211 bits, Johannes says:

“Here I have a fix for RSSI thresholds in mesh, two minstrel fixes from
Felix, an nl80211 fix from Michal and four various fixes I did myself.”

As for the iwlwifi bits, Johannes says:

“Here I have a fix for debugfs directory creation (causing a spurious
error message), two scanning fixes from David Spinadel, an LED fix and
two patches related to a BA session problem that eventually caused
firmware crashes from Emmanuel and a small BT fix for older devices as
well as a workaround for a firmware problem with APs with very small
beacon intervals from myself.”

Along with those:

Arend van Spriel addresses a lock-up and a NULL pointer dereference
in brcmfmac.

Daniel Drake fixes an unhandled interrupt during device tear down
in mwifiex.

Larry Finger corrects a wil6210 build error.

Oleksij Rempel fixes two ath9k_htc problems related to keeping the
driver and firmware in sync.

Solomon Peachy gives us a cw1200 fix to avoid an oops in monitor mode.


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