kernel news – 23.07.2013

Posted: July 23, 2013 in kernel

-Junio C. Hamano announces git

Fixes since v1.8.3.3

* The bisect log listed incorrect commits when bisection ends with
only skipped ones.

* The test coverage framework was left broken for some time.

* The test suite for HTTP transport did not run with Apache 2.4.

* “git diff” used to fail when core.safecrlf is set and the working
tree contents had mixed CRLF/LF line endings. Committing such a
content must be prohibited, but “git diff” should help the user to
locate and fix such problems without failing.

-Linux Walleij and GPIO fixes for -rc2:

here is a round of GPIO fixes for the rc series. The OMAP patches have
been around since around the merge window, but since they first
caused more breakage I let them boil in -next for a while. These should
be fine now.

-Dave Airlie and DRM fixes:

This is just a regular fixes pull, mostly nouveau and i915, the i915 ones
fix RC6 on Sandybridge after suspend/resume, which I think people have be
wanting for quite a while!

Now you shouldn’t wish for more patches, as the new mutex/reservation code
found a number of problems with the qxl driver, and it currently makes
lockdep angry, I’m working on a set of fixes for it, but its a bit large,
I’ll submit them separately later today or tomorrow once I’ve banged on
them a bit more, just warning you in advance

-Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo has perf/core improvements and fixes:

. Fix memcpy benchmark for large sizes, from Andi Kleen.

. Support callchain sorting based on addresses, from Andi Kleen

. Move weight back to common sort keys, From Andi Kleen.

. Fix named threads support in ‘perf script’, from David Ahern.

. Handle ENODEV on default cycles event, fix from David Ahern.

. More install tests, from Jiri Olsa.


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