kernel news – 05.07.2013

Posted: July 5, 2013 in kernel

-Jiri Kosina has pull requests for trivial and HID:

You are going to get trivial conflict in kerneldoc comment in
kernel/irq/generic-chip.c (with ccc414f8 from your tree). Suggested
resolution is just taking the version from your tree, discarding what
comes from trivial.git.
– HID battery handling cleanup by David Herrmann
– ELO 4000/4500 driver, which has been finally ported to be proper HID
driver by Jiri Slaby
– ps3remote driver functionality is now provided by generic sony driver,
by Jiri Kosina
– PS2/3 Buzz controllers support, by Colin Leitner
– rework of wiimote driver including full extensions hotpluggin support,
sub-device modularization and speaker support by David Herrmann

-Wolfram Sang and i2c:

here are the updates for the I2C subsystem for 3.11:

* new drivers: Kontron PLD, Wondermedia VT
* mv64xxx driver gained sun4i support and a bigger cleanup
* duplicate driver ‘intel-mid’ removed
* added generic device tree binding for sda holding time
(and designware driver already uses it)
* we tried to allow driver probing with only device tree and no i2c ids,
but I had to revert it because of side effects. Needs some rethinking.
* driver bugfixes, cleanups…

Sorry, the base should have been “3.10-rc4”, but I accidently picked the
wrong commit and didn’t want to rebase my public tree, so it is a few
merges after rc4.

-Dmitry Torokhov has an input-related pull request:

You will get a new touchsreen driver for Cypress 4th generation devices,
a driver for a special controller implementing PS/2 protocol in OLPC
devices, and a driver for power key for SiRFprimaII PWRC.

HID and bcm5497 now support for the 2013 MacBook Air.

EVIOCGKEY and the rest of evdev ioctls now flush events of matching type
from the client’s event queue so that clients can be sure any events
received after issuing EVIOCG* ioctl are new events.

And a host of cleanups and improvements in other drivers.

-devictree updates for 3.11 from Grant Likely:

This branch contains the following changes:
– Removal of CONFIG_OF_DEVICE, it is always enabled by CONFIG_OF
– Remove #ifdef from linux/of_platform.h to increase compiler syntax
– Bug fix for address decoding on Bimini and js2x powerpc platforms.
– miscellaneous binding changes

One note on the above. The binding changes going in from all kinds of
different trees has gotten rather out of hand. I picked up some during
this cycle, but even going though my tree isn’t a great fit. Ian
Campbell has prototyped splitting the bindings and .dtb files into a
separate repository. The plan is to migrate to using that sometime in
the next few kernel releases which should get rid of a lot of the churn
on binding docs and .dts files.

-James Hogan announces metag architecture changes for 3.11:

– Infrastructure and DT files for TZ1090 SoC (pin control drivers
already merged via pinctrl tree).
– Panic on boot instead of just warning if cache aliasing possible.
– Various SMP/hotplug fixes.
– Various other randconfig/sparse fixes.


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