kernel news – 02.07.2013

Posted: July 2, 2013 in kernel

-Mike Turquette has clk changes for 3.11:

The common clock framework changes for 3.11 include new clock drivers
across several different platforms and architectures, fixes to existing
drivers, a MAINTAINERS file fix and improvements to the basic clock
types that allow them to be of use to more platforms than before. Only a
few fixes to the core framework are included with most all of the
changes landing in the various clock drivers themselves.

-Linus Waleij announces pinctrl bulk changes, also for 3.11:

here is the big pin control pull request for the v3.11 cycle. A lot is going
on as this is now getting ever more accepter with embedded system on
chips. We have new archs using pin control and a batch of beautification.

I’ve boiled this in -next, the 0day build system and manual test
compilations. Patches touching other subsystems are ACKed.

There may be other trees dependent on this baseline so I better get it
out the door early in the merge window.

-There’s an update by James Morris related to the security subsystem:

In this update, Smack learns to love IPv6 and to mount a filesystem with a
transmutable hierarchy (i.e. security labels are inherited from parent
directory upon creation rather than creating process).

The rest of the changes are maintenance.

-Jaegeuk Kim has a pull request for f2fs :

Here is the pull request on f2fs updates for v3.11.
Most of patches in this patch-set have been proposed to fix the
roll-forward mechanism significantly.

One of major fixes is related to little and big endian conversion, and
its errorneous symptom on powerpc was initially reported by Oded Gabbay.

Another one is that it has been revealed the pgbench regression reported
by phoronix was caused by one of fsync bug fixes in 3.10-rc1. In order
to restore the performance, one enhancement patch was introduced in this
patch-set, which is f2fs: recover wrong pino after checkpoint during

One of new features is *xattr security labels* which is essential to the
SEandroid system.

-Marek Szyprowski has a pull request containing “important bugfixes and
update for IOMMU integration support for ARM architecture”.


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