kernel news – 10.05.2013

Posted: May 10, 2013 in kernel

-Firewire fixes by Stefan Richter:

– fix controller removal when controller is in suspended state
– fix video reception on VIA VT6306 with gstreamer, MythTV, and maybe dv4l
– fix a startup issue with Agere/LSI FW643-e2
– error logging improvements and other small updates

-David Woodhouse has “misc minor cleanups” for 3.10:

– Artem’s removal of dead code continues (RPX, MBX860)
– Two krealloc() abuse fixes

This is some miscellaneous cleanups that don’t really belong anywhere
else (or were ignored), that have been sitting in linux-next for some
time. Two of them are fixes resulting from my audit of krealloc() usage
that don’t seem to have elicited any response when I posted them, and
the other three are patches from Artem removing dead code.

-Rafael J. Wysocki has ACPI fixes for -rc1:

These are three urgent ACPICA fixes two of which fix regressions introduced
earlier during this merge window and the third one fixes a potential buffer
overflow that has been there for quite a while (fortunately, it’s not easy
to trigger).

-Chris Mason and btrfs:

These are mostly fixes. The biggest exceptions are Josef’s skinny
extents and Jan Schmidt’s code to rebuild our quota indexes if they get
out of sync (or you enable quotas on an existing filesystem).

The skinny extents are off by default because they are a new variation
on the extent allocation tree format. btrfstune -x enables them, and
the new format makes the extent allocation tree about 30% smaller.

I rebased this a few days ago to rework Dave Sterba’s crc checks on the
super block, but almost all of these go back to rc6, since I though 3.9 was
due any minute.

The biggest missing fix is the tracepoint bug that was hit late in 3.9.
I ran into problems with that in overnight testing and I’m still
tracking it down. I’ll definitely have that fixed for rc2.

-ecryptfs updates as announced by Tyler Hicks:

Improve performance when AES-NI (and most likely other crypto accelerators) is
available by moving to the ablkcipher crypto API. The improvement is more
apparent on faster storage devices. There’s no noticeable change when hardware
crypto is not available.


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