kernel news – 29.04.2013

Posted: April 29, 2013 in kernel

-Linus Torvalds announces the release of kernel 3.9:

So the last week was much quieter than the preceding ones, which makes
me suspect that one reason -rc7 was bigger than I liked was that
people were gaming the system and had timed some of their pull
requests for just before the release, explaining why -rc7 was big
enough that I didn’t actually want to do a final release last week.
Please don’t do that.

Anyway. Whatever the reason, this week has been very quiet, which
makes me much more comfortable doing the final 3.9 release, so I guess
the last -rc8 ended up working. Because not only aren’t there very
many commits here, even the ones that made it really are tiny and not
pretty obscure and not very interesting.

Also, this obviously means that the merge window is open. I won’t be
merging anything today, but if you start sending me your pull requests
(Konrad already sent in his Xen pull request for the 3.10 merge window
a week ago), tomorrow the flood gates start opening..



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