kernel news – 19.04.2013

Posted: April 19, 2013 in kernel

-Matt Fleming has a EFI pull request :

As discussed previously, please consider pulling this into a new topic
branch, to potentially merge for v3.10. The changes move all the code in
drivers/firmware/efivars.c into new files under drivers/firmware/efi/
and moves the efivarfs code to fs/efivarfs. This allow us to pick and
choose which EFI support to compile instead of having everything under
one monolithic file. In particular, having the efivarfs code under fs/
allows building an efivarfs.ko module, which means mount(8) can
automatically load it.

-Here’s something unusual for us, but nonetheless important – the call for
participation for the 2013 Plumbers ACPI/PM, PCI Microconference:

We would like to hold a combined ACPI/PM, PCI focused microconference
as part of this year’s Linux Plumbers conference but first we need to
show that there is enough interest and material that needs covered.

There is a lot of activity in these subsystems so please respond by
submitting presentation or discussion proposals that you would be
willing to cover for consideration (respond to this mail on the
linux-pci list for tracking purposes please). You should also feel
free to submit ideas as proposals that others could cover. This is
the “Plumbers” conference so topics concerning userspace interaction
with the kernel and not just topics concerning pure kernel subsystem
internals would be greatly welcomed.

The initial call[1] only produced two responses. We understand that
everyone is busy but without proposals the program committee will not
be able to select this topic for approval – so please step up.

If approved by the program committee, we will give precedence to
proposals that bring up current issues that need attention, help, or
resolution. We would like for the majority of the microconference to
be “working session discussions” in which a current issues in/with the
ACPI/PM and PCI subsystem space that needs solving are introduced and
then opened up for live discussion by attendees – much like what took
place last year during the Kernel Summit’s PCI miniconf.

As a possible aid towards promoting topics for submissions we have
listed a few candidates that seem to meet the criteria in the
microconference proposals wiki located at

Please feel free to forward this invitation on to any others, or
relevant lists, that seem appropriate.

Len, Bjorn, Myron, Rafael

-Matthew Garrett has a x86 platform driver update for 3.9:

It turns out that one of the hp-wmi patches this cycle breaks some other
HP laptops. I think we have a good idea how to work on it for 3.10, but
it’s safer to just revert it for now.


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