kernel news – 06.04.2013

Posted: April 6, 2013 in kernel

-Greg Kroah-Hartman announces kernels 3.8.6, 3.4.39 and 3.0.72 .

-David Miller and networking updates:

1) Fix erroneous sock_orphan() leading to crashes and double kfree_skb() in
NFC protocol. From Thierry Escande and Samuel Ortiz.

2) Fix use after free in remain-on-channel mac80211 code, from Johannes

3) nf_reset() needs to reset the NF tracing cookie, otherwise we can leak
it from one namespace into another. Fix from Gao Feng and Patrick

4) Fix overflow in channel scanning array of mwifiex driver, from Stone

5) Fix loss of link after suspend/shutdown in r8169, from Hayes Wang.

6) Synchronization of unicast address lists to the undelying device doesn’t
work because whether to sync is maintained as a boolean rather than a
true count. Fix from Vlad Yasevich.

7) Fix corruption of TSO packets in atl1e by limiting the segmented packet
length. From Hannes Frederic Sowa.

8) Revert bogus AF_UNIX credential passing change and fix the coalescing
issue properly, from Eric W. Biederman.

9) Changes of ipv4 address lifetime settings needs to generate a notification,
from Jiri Pirko.


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