kernel news – 05.04.2013

Posted: April 5, 2013 in kernel

-Rafael J. Wysocki has ACPI and PM fixes for -rc5:

– Revert of a recent cpuidle change that caused Nehalem machines
to hang on boot from Alex Shi.

– USB power management fix addressing a crash in the port device
object’s release routine.

– Device PM QoS fix for a potential deadlock related to sysfs

– Fix for a cpufreq crash when the /cpus Device Tree node is missing.
From Paolo Pisati.

– Fix for a build issue on ia64 related to the fact that the
Boot Graphics Resource Table (BGRT) is only useful on x86 with
EFI. From Tony Luck.

– Two fixes for ACPI handles being set incorrectly for device
objects that don’t correspond to any ACPI namespace nodes in
the I2C and SPI subsystems.

– Fix for compiler warnings related to CONFIG_PM_DEVFREQ being
unset from Rajagopal Venkat.

– Fix for a symbol definition typo in cpufreq_governor.h from
Borislav Petkov.

-Takashi Iwai has sound bug fixes for -rc6:

This contains slightly more volumes than usual at this stage, mostly
because of my vacation in the last week.
Nothing to scare, all small and/or trivial fixes:

– Fix loop path handling in ASoC DAPM
– Some memory handling fixes in ASoC core
– Fix spear_pcm to adapt to the updated API
– HD-audio HDMI ELD handling fixes
– Fix for CM6331 USB-audio SRC change bugs
– Revert power_save_controller option change due to user-space usage
– A few other small ASoC and HD-audio fixes

-Steven Whitehouse has GFS2 fixes:

There are two patches which fix up a couple of minor issues in the DLM
interface code, a missing error path in gfs2_rs_alloc(), two patches
which fix problems during “withdraw” and a fix for discards/FITRIM when
using 4k sector sized devices.


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