kernel news – 30.03.2013

Posted: March 30, 2013 in kernel

-Steven Rostedt announces kernel, Nicolas Ferre has a
“tiny cleanup” for at91, and Vineet Gupta has arch/arc fixes for

his pull request contains ARC fixes for 3.9 cycle.

It includes fix for a serious bug in DMA mapping API, make allyesconfig wreckage,
removal of bogus email-list placeholder in MAINTAINERS, a typo in ptrace helper
code and last remaining changes for syscall ABI v3 which we are finally starting
to transition-to internally.

The request is late than I intended to – but I was held up with debugging a timer
link list corruption, for which a proposed fix to generic timer code was sent out
to lkml/tglx earlier today.

-Chris Mason has btrfs updates:

We’ve had a busy two weeks of bug fixing. The biggest patches in here
are some long standing early-enospc problems (Josef) and a very old race
where compression and mmap combine forces to lose writes (me). I’m
fairly sure the mmap bug goes all the way back to the introduction of
the compression code, which is proof that fsx doesn’t trigger every
possible mmap corner after all.

I’m sure you’ll notice one of these is from this morning, it’s a small
and isolated use-after-free fix in our scrub error reporting. I double
checked it here.

-Jens Axboe has block fixes for 3.9-rc :

Collection of fixes that have been queued up since the merge window
opened, hence postponed until later in the cycle. The pull request

– A bunch of fixes for the xen blk front/back driver.

– A round of fixes for the new IBM RamSan driver, fixing various nasty

– Fixes for multiple drives from Wei Yongjun, bad handling of return
values and wrong pointer math.

– A fix for loop properly killing partitions when being detached.


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