kernel news – 15.03.2013

Posted: March 15, 2013 in kernel

-Jan Kara has ext2, ext3, quota fixes for -rc3:

[…]a fix for regression in ext2, and a fix of one possibly exploitable
format string issue in ext3. The rest isn’t too serious.

-Greg KH announces kernels 3.8.3, 3.4.36 and 3.0.69.

-Guenter Roeck has hwmon patches, also for -rc3:

Bug fixes for pmbus, ltc2978, and lineage-pem drivers
Added specific maintainer for some hwmon drivers

-Jonas Bonn and OpenRISC fixes:

Here are 3 patches to fix OpenRISC build issues for 3.9. 2 of them are essential as the build is broken without them; the third patch, removing VIRT_TO_BUS, isn’t strictly essential, but is harmless enough and removes an invalid config setting introduced during this cycle.

-Samuel Ortiz has MFD fixes:

Hi Linus,

This is the first batch of MFD fixes for 3.9.

With this one we have:

– An ab8500 build failure fix.
– An ab8500 device tree parsing fix.
– A fix for twl4030_madc remove routine to work properly (when built-in).
– A fix for properly registering palmas interrupt handler.
– A fix for omap-usb init routine to actually write into the hostconfig
– A couple of warning fixes for ab8500-gpadc and tps65912.

Thanks in advance for pulling them in.

-Nicolas Ferre announces framebuffer enhancements for 3.10:

Following our conversation about these framebuffer patches for
Atmel LCD driver, here are the remaining three patches that can be
pushed for 3.10. As suggested by Arnd, I have kept them on top of last
commit concerning this topic that have already been merged in arm-soc 3.9
fixes branch.


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