kernel news – 05.03.2012

Posted: March 5, 2013 in kernel

-David Miller and networking:

A moderately sized pile of fixes, some specifically for merge window
introduced regressions although we others are for longer standing
items and have been queued up for -stable.

I’m kind of tired of all the RDS protocol bugs over the years, to be
honest, it’s way out of proportion to the number of people who
actually use it.

1) Fix missing range initialization in netfilter IPSET, from Jozsef

2) ieee80211_local->tim_lock needs to use BH disabling, from Johannes

3) Fix DMA syncing in SFC driver, from Ben Hutchings.

4) Fix regression in BOND device MAC address setting, from Jiri Pirko.

5) Missing usb_free_urb in ISDN Hisax driver, from Marina Makienko.

6) Fix UDP checksumming in bnx2x driver for 57710 and 57711 chips, fix
from Dmitry Kravkov.

7) Missing cfgspace_lock initialization in BCMA driver.

8) Validate parameter size for SCTP assoc stats getsockopt(), from
Guenter Roeck.

9) Fix SCTP association hangs, from Lee A. Roberts.

10) Fix jumbo frame handling in r8169, from Francois Romieu.

11) Fix phy_device memory leak, from Petr Malat.

12) Omit trailing FCS from frames received in BGMAC driver, from Hauke

13) Missing socket refcount release in L2TP, from Guillaume Nault.

14) sctp_endpoint_init should respect passed in gfp_t, rather than
use GFP_KERNEL unconditionally. From Dan Carpenter.

15) Add AISX AX88179 USB driver, from Freddy Xin.

16) Remove MAINTAINERS entries for drivers deleted during the
merge window, from Cesar Eduardo Barros.

17) RDS protocol can try to allocate huge amounts of memory,
check that the user’s request length makes sense, from Cong

18) SCTP should use the provided KMALLOC_MAX_SIZE instead of it’s
own, bogus, definition. From Cong Wang.

19) Fix deadlocks in FEC driver by moving TX reclaim into NAPI poll,
from Frank Li. Also, fix a build error introduced in the merge

20) Fix bogus purging of default routes in ipv6, from Lorenzo

21) Don’t double count RTT measurements when we leave the TCP
receive fast path, from Neal Cardwell.

-Rusty Russel has a “virtio randomness fix”:

Nasty side-effect of vmalloc’ing modules: their static vars cannot be put
into scatterlists. Jens has a check queued for this, so it shouldn’t happen

-Benjamin Herrenschmidt has powerpc fixes for -rc1:

Here are a few powerpc bits & fixes for rc1. A couple of str*cpy fixes,
some fixes in handling the FSCR register on Power8 (controls the
enabling of processor features), a 32-bit build fix and a couple more


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