kernel news – 28.02.2013

Posted: February 28, 2013 in kernel
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-H. Peter Anvin has x86/efi changes for -rc1:

* Improve the initrd handling in the EFI boot stub by allowing
forward slashes in the pathname – from Chun-Yi Lee.

* Cleanup code duplication in the EFI mixed kernel/firmware code –
from Satoru Takeuchi.

* efivarfs bug fixes for more strict filename validation, with lots
of input from Al Viro.

-Mauro Carvalho Chehab has a pull request concerning EDAC for 3.8:

– Some fixes at edac drivers (i7core_edac, sb_edac, i3200_edac);
– error injection support for i5100, when EDAC debug is enabled;
– fix edac when it is loaded builtin (early init for the subsystem);
– a “Firmware First” EDAC driver, allowing ghes to report errors via
EDAC (ghes-edac).

With regards to ghes-edac, this fixes a longstanding BZ at Red Hat that
happens with Nehalem and Sandy Bridge CPUs: when both GHES and i7core_edac
or sb_edac are running, the error reports are unpredictable, as both BIOS
and OS race to access the registers. With ghes-edac, the EDAC core will
refuse to register any other concurrent memory error driver.

This patchset moves the ghes struct definitions to a separate header file
(include/acpi/ghes.h) and adds 3 hooks at apei/ghes.c to register/unregister
and to report errors via ghes-edac. Those changes were acked by ghes driver
maintainer (Huang).


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