kernel news – 25.02.2013

Posted: February 25, 2013 in kernel

-Bjorn Helgaas has PCI changes:

PCI changes for the v3.9 merge window:

Host bridge hotplug
– Major overhaul of ACPI host bridge add/start (Rafael Wysocki, Yinghai Lu)
– Major overhaul of PCI/ACPI binding (Rafael Wysocki, Yinghai Lu)
– Split out ACPI host bridge and ACPI PCI device hotplug (Yinghai Lu)
– Stop caching _PRT and make independent of bus numbers (Yinghai Lu)

PCI device hotplug
– Clean up cpqphp dead code (Sasha Levin)
– Disable ARI unless device and upstream bridge support it (Yijing Wang)
– Initialize all hot-added devices (not functions 0-7) (Yijing Wang)

Power management
– Don’t touch ASPM if disabled (Joe Lawrence)
– Fix ASPM link state management (Myron Stowe)

– Fix PCI_EXP_FLAGS accessor (Alex Williamson)
– Disable Bus Master in pci_device_shutdown (Konstantin Khlebnikov)
– Document hotplug resource and MPS parameters (Yijing Wang)
– Add accessor for PCIe capabilities (Myron Stowe)
– Drop pciehp suspend/resume messages (Paul Bolle)
– Make pci_slot built-in only (not a module) (Jiang Liu)
– Remove unused PCI/ACPI bind ops (Jiang Liu)
– Removed used pci_root_bus (Bjorn Helgaas)

-Rafael J. Wysocki has ACPI and PM fixes for -rc1:

– Fixes for blackfin and microblaze build problems introduced by the
removal of global pm_idle. From Lars-Peter Clausen.

– OPP core build fix from Shawn Guo.

– Error condition check fix for the new imx6q-cpufreq driver from
Wei Yongjun.

– Fix for an AER driver crash related to the lack of APEI
initialization for acpi=off. From yours truly.

– Fix for the USB breakage on Thinkpad T430 related to ACPI power
resources and PCI wakeup reported by Dave and Fabio (you know
about this one).

-Chris Ball and MMC:

– Support for packed commands in eMMC 4.5. (This requires a host
capability to be turned on. It increases write throughput by 20%+,
but may also increase average write latency; more testing needed.)
– Add DT bindings for capability flags.
– Add mmc_of_parse() for shared DT parsing between drivers.

– android-goldfish: New MMC driver for the Android Goldfish emulator.
– mvsdio: Add DT bindings, pinctrl, use slot-gpio for card detection.
– omap_hsmmc: Fix boot hangs with RPMB partitions.
– sdhci-bcm2835: New driver for controller used by Raspberry Pi.
– sdhci-esdhc-imx: Add 8-bit data, auto CMD23 support, use slot-gpio.
– sh_mmcif: Add support for eMMC DDR, bundled MMCIF IRQs.
– tmio_mmc: Add DT bindings, support for vccq regulator.

-Alex Williamson has VFIO updates for -rc1:

– Fixes PCIe v1 extended capability support
– Cleans up read/write access functions
– Fix Removal test to properly wait until devices are unused
– Enable pcieport driver usage for non-accessible devices w/in groups
– Extensions for PCI VGA support

-Jaegeuk updates f2fs, the new SSD-oriented filesystem:

[Major bug fixes]
o Store device file information correctly
o Fix -EIO handling with respect to power-off-recovery
o Allocate blocks with global locks
o Fix wrong calculation of the SSR cost

o Get rid of fake on-stack dentries

o Support (un)freeze_fs
o Enhance the f2fs_gc flow
o Support 32-bit binary execution on 64-bit kernel

-Thierry Reding has pwm changes:

A new driver has been added to support the PWM mode of the timer counter
blocks found on Atmel AT91 SoCs. The VT8500 driver now supports changing
the PWM signal polarity and the TI drivers (EHRPWM and ECAP) gained
suspend and resume functionality.

User drivers can now query the core for whether access to a PWM device
will sleep (if the PWM chip is on a slow bus such as I2C or SPI).

The pwm-backlight driver now handles the backlight BL_CORE_FBBLANK state
in addition to the FB layer’s blanking states.

To round things off, a few fixes and cleanups are also included.


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