kernel news – 21.02.2013

Posted: February 21, 2013 in kernel

-Mark Brown has regmap and regulator updates, as follows:

regmap: Updates for v3.9

Several nice new features and performance improvements here, especially
the first:

– Support for using the cache infrastructure without the physical I/O,
allowing devices which don’t fit the physical model regmap has to
take advantage of the cache infrastructure, contributed by Andrey
– Several small improvements to the support for wake capable IRQs.
– Support for asynchronous I/O, allowing us to come much closer to
saturating fast buses like SPI.
– Support for simple array caches, giving higher performance for use
with MMIO devices.
– Restoration of the use of bulk reads for handling interrupts, giving
a performance improvement.
– Support for 24 bit register addresses.
– More performance improvements for debugfs.
regulator: Updates for v3.9

A fairly quiet release for the regulator API, the bulk of the changes
being lots of small cleanups and API updates contributed by Axel Lin
with just a small set of larger changes:

– New driver for LP8755
– DT support for S5M8767, TPS51632, TPS6507x and TPS65090
– Support for writing a “commit changes” bit in the regmap helper

-Linus Waleij has pinctrl changes for 3.9:

Hi Linus,

this is the bulk of pin control changes for v3.9. Most of the description
is in the signed tag. They are rotated in linux-next, changes to other
subsystems are ACKed, and I tested to pull it all into the HEAD of
your tree for a tester and everything when smooth.

The most interesting change by far is how the device core grabs
pinctrl default handles avoiding the need to stick boilerplate into
driver consumers.

-Guenter Roweck has hwmon updates for -rc1:

New drivers for MAX6697 and compatibles and for INA209.
Added support for IT8771E, IT8772E, MAX34460, MAX34461, MCP98244,
and ADT7420 to existing drivers.
Added support for additional attributes to various drivers.
Replaced SENSORS_LIMIT with clamp_val; retire SENSORS_LIMIT;
Clean up PMBus code to reduce its size; clean up adt7410 driver.
A couple of minor bug fixes as well as documentation cleanup.

Out-of-tree change: Replace SENSORS_LIMIT with clamp_val in
platform/x86/eeepc-laptop driver.

-Catalin Marinas announces arm64 patches for 3.9:

– SMP support for the PSCI booting protocol (power state coordination
– Simple earlyprintk support.
– Platform devices populated by default from the DT (SoC-agnostic).
– CONTEXTIDR support (used by external trace tools).

-Mauro Carvalho Chehab and media updates:

– Some cleanups at V4L2 documentation;
– new drivers: ts2020 frontend, ov9650 sensor, s5c73m3 sensor,
sh-mobile veu mem2mem driver, radio-ma901, davinci_vpfe staging
– Lots of missing MAINTAINERS entries added;
– several em28xx driver improvements, including its conversion to
– several fixups on drivers to make them to better comply with the API;
– DVB core: add support for DVBv5 stats, allowing the implementation of
statistics for new standards like ISDB;
– mb86a20s: add statistics to the driver;
– lots of new board additions, cleanups, and driver improvements.

-David Miller has a simple pull request for sparc:

Mostly more sparc64 THP bug fixes, and a refactoring of SMP bootup on sparc32
from Sam Ravnborg.

-Al Viro updates signal:

* a bunch of signal-related syscalls (both native and compat) unified.
* a bunch of compat syscalls switched to COMPAT_SYSCALL_DEFINE (fixing several
potential problems with missing argument validation, while we are at it)
* a lot of now-pointless wrappers killed
* a couple of architectures (cris and hexagon) forgot to save altstack settings
into sigframe, even though they used the (uninitialized) values in sigreturn;
* microblaze fixes for delivery of multiple signals arriving at once
* saner set of helpers for signal delivery introduced, several architectures
switched to using those.

That’s the first pile; another one will come a bit later and will contain
SYSCALL_DEFINE-related patches.

-Eric W. Biederman has user-namespace changes :

This set of changes starts with a few small enhnacements to the user
namespace. reboot support, allowing more arbitrary mappings, and
support for mounting devpts, ramfs, tmpfs, and mqueuefs as just the user
namespace root.

I do my best to document that if you care about limiting your
unprivileged users that when you have the user namespace support enabled
you will need to enable memory control groups.

There is a minor bug fix to prevent overflowing the stack if someone
creates way too many user namespaces.

The bulk of the changes are a continuation of the kuid/kgid push down
work through the filesystems. These changes make using uids and gids
typesafe which ensures that these filesystems are safe to use when
multiple user namespaces are in use. The filesystems converted for 3.9
are ceph, 9p, afs, ocfs2, gfs2, ncpfs, nfs, nfsd, and cifs. The changes
for these filesystems were a little more involved so I split the changes
into smaller hopefully obviously correct changes.

XFS is the only filesystem that remains. I was hoping I could get that
in this release so that user namespace support would be enabled with an
allyesconfig or an allmodconfig but it looks like the xfs changes need
another couple of days before it they are ready.

-Marcello Tosatti has KVM updates for the merge window:

[…] KVM updates for the 3.9 merge window, including x86 real
mode emulation fixes, stronger memory slot interface restrictions,
mmu_lock spinlock hold time reduction, improved handling of large
page faults on shadow, initial APICv HW acceleration support,
s390 channel IO based virtio, amongst others.

-Trond Myklebust updates the client part of NFS:

NFS client bugfixes for Linux 3.9

– Fix an Oops in the pNFS layoutget code
– Fix a number of NFSv4 and v4.1 state recovery deadlocks and hangs
due to the interaction of the session drain lock and state management
– Remove task->tk_xprt, which was hiding a lot of RCU dereferencing bugs
– Fix a long standing NFSv3 posix lock recovery bug.
– Revert commit 324d003b0cd82151adbaecefef57b73f7959a469. It turned out
that the root cause of the deadlock was due to interactions with the
workqueues that have now been resolved.

-David Miller has networking updates:

1) Checkpoint/restarted TCP sockets now can properly propagate the TCP
timestamp offset. From Andrey Vagin.

2) VMWARE VM VSOCK layer, from Andy King.

3) Much improved support for virtual functions and SR-IOV in bnx2x,
from Ariel ELior.

4) All protocols on ipv4 and ipv6 are now network namespace aware,
and all the compatability checks for initial-namespace-only
protocols is removed. Thanks to Tom Parkin for helping deal
with the last major holdout, L2TP.

5) IPV6 support in netpoll and network namespace support in pktgen,
from Cong Wang.

6) Multiple Registration Protocol (MRP) and Multiple VLAN Registration
Protocol (MVRP) support, from David Ward.

7) Compute packet lengths more accurately in the packet scheduler, from
Eric Dumazet.

8) Use per-task page fragment allocator in skb_append_datato_frags(),
also from Eric Dumazet.

9) Add support for connection tracking labels in netfilter, from Florian

10) Fix default multicast group joining on ipv6, and add anti-spoofing
checks to 6to4 and 6rd. From Hannes Frederic Sowa.

11) Make ipv4/ipv6 fragmentation memory limits more reasonable in
modern times, rearrange inet frag datastructures for better
cacheline locality, and move more operations outside of locking.
From Jesper Dangaard Brouer.

12) Instead of strict master slave relationships, allow arbitrary
scenerios with “upper device lists”. From Jiri Pirko.

13) Improve rate limiting accuracy in TBF and act_police, also from Jiri

14) Add a BPF filter netfilter match target, from Willem de Bruijn.

15) Orphan and delete a bunch of pre-historic networking drivers from
Paul Gortmaker.

16) Add TSO support for GRE tunnels, from Pravin B SHelar. Although this
still needs some minor bug fixing before it’s %100 correct in all

17) Handle unresolved IPSEC states like ARP, with a resolution packet
queue. From Steffen Klassert.

18) Remove TCP Appropriate Byte Count support (ABC), from Stephen
Hemminger. This was long overdue.

19) Support SO_REUSEPORT, from Tom Herbert.

20) Allow locking a socket BPF filter, so that it cannot change after
a process drops capabilities.

21) Add VLAN filtering to bridge, from Vlad Yasevich.

22) Bring ipv6 on-par with ipv4 and do not cache neighbour entries in
the ipv6 routes, from YOSHIFUJI Hideaki.

-Jingoo-Han updates samsung-fb and exynos-dp, and that seems to be all.


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