kernel news – 14.02.2013

Posted: February 14, 2013 in kernel

-Nicolas Ferre and at91:

More DT modifications for AT91. Now that I am sure that
the drivers modification are picked-up by MTD.
Changes the use ECC to hardware ECC (named PMECC) for
SoCs that are using it and their associated Evaluation Kits:
– at91sam9x5-ek
– at91sam9n12-ek

-H. Peter Anvin has a final batch of x86 fixes for 3.8:

One (hopefully) last batch of x86 fixes. You asked for the patch by
patch justifications, so here they are:

x86, MCE: Retract most UAPI exports

This one unexports from userspace a bunch of definitions which
should never have been exported. We really want to create an
accidental legacy here.

x86, doc: Add a bootloader ID for OVMF

This is a documentation-only patch, just recording the official
assignment of a boot loader ID.

x86: Do not leak kernel page mapping locations

Security: avoid making it needlessly easy for user space to probe
the kernel memory layout.

x86/mm: Check if PUD is large when validating a kernel address

Prevent failures using /proc/kcore when using 1G pages.

x86/apic: Work around boot failure on HP ProLiant DL980 G7 Server systems

Works around a BIOS problem causing boot failures on affected hardware.

-David Miller has a networking pull request:

This is primarily to get those r8169 reverts sorted, but other
fixes have accumulated meanwhile.

1) Revert two r8169 changes to fix suspend/resume for some users,
from Francois Romieu.

2) PCI dma mapping errors in atl1c are not checked for and this cause
hard crashes for some users, from Xiong Huang.

3) In 3.8.x we merged the removal of the EXPERIMENTAL dependency for
‘dlm’ but the same patch for ‘sctp’ got lost somewhere, resulting
in the potential for build errors since there are cross dependencies.
From Kees Cook.

4) SCTP’s ipv6 socket route validation makes boolean tests incorrectly,
fix from Daniel Borkmann.

5) mac80211 does sizeof(ptr) instead of (sizeof(ptr) * nelem), from Cong

6) arp_rcv() can crash on shared non-linear packets, from Eric Dumazet.

7) Avoid crashes in macvtap by setting ->gso_type consistently in ixgbe,
qlcnic, and bnx2x drivers. From Michael S. Tsirkin and Alexander Duyck.

8) Trinity fuzzer spots infinite loop in __skb_recv_datagram(), fix from
Eric Dumazet.

9) STP protocol frames should use high packet priority, otherwise an
overloaded bridge can get stuck. From Stephen Hemminger.

10) The HTB packet scheduler was converted some time ago to store
internal timestamps in nanoseconds, but we don’t convert back into
psched ticks for the user during dumps. Fix from Jiri Pirko.

11) mwl8k channel table doesn’t set the .band field properly, resulting
in NULL pointer derefs. Fix from Jonas Gorski.

12) mac80211 doesn’t accumulate channels properly during a scan so we
can downgrade heavily to a much less desirable connection speed.
Fix from Johannes Berg.

13) PHY probe failure in stmmac can result in resource leaks and
double MDIO registery later, from Giuseppe CAVALLARO.

14) Correct ipv6 checksumming in ip6t_NPT netfilter module, also fix
address prefix mangling, from YOSHIFUJI Hideaki.

-Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk has two xen fixes for -rc7:

– A simple bug-fix for redundant NULL check.
– CVE-2013-0228/XSA-42: x86/xen: don’t assume %ds is usable in xen_iret for 32-bit PVOPS.

-Chanwoo Choi has patch set in the form of a pull request for extcon:

This patchset add a few new feature of extcon-max8997
and fix minor issue of extcon-max8997/77693.

Update extcon-max8997 driver
– Consolidate duplicate code
– Set default uart/usb path for internal line of muic device
– Set default ADC debounce time
– Use wq to check cable state after certain delay
– Code clean to move defined constant to header file
– Make max8997_extcon_cable static

Update extcon-max77693 driver
– Make max77693_extcon_cable static

-Daniel Vetter has fb helper cleanups:

This is the drm fb helper cleanup, mostly motivated by strange things I’ve
seen in my locking rework and the i915 modeset revamp. Compared to the
original submission I’ve reinstated the setup flexibility you’d like to
retain, kerneldoc has been reviewed by Laurent Pinchart and Rob Clark
reviewed the code changes.

Quick overview of the changes:
– Cleaned-up library interface for drivers using the fb helper, also
simplified the fb allocation callback since no driver supported
reallocating the fb on-the-fly. And the fbdev/fbcon code keeps pointers
to the old mapping around anyway, so reallocating backing storage will
be much more work.
– No longer call the crtc helper “disable everything” function at init
time, but allow drivers to do so. Motivated by i915’s fastboot effort
and allows us to drop a bunch of noop dummy functions just to avoid
calling NULL function pointers from i915.ko.
– Properly clear old state when doing modeset calls, the fb helper left
some old modes in there and unconditionally set an fb (even when
disabling a crtc). The crtc helpers didn’t care, but i915 modeset code
can now drop a few special cases.
– Full kerneldoc for the fb helper. Yay!
– My version of the “don’t sleep in panic ->unblank calls”. The patch is
already in -mm, I guess Andrew can drop it as soon as this pull lands in

Imo the fb helper looks now rather nice, and there’s only a few pieces
left to fix up further:
– Removing the duplicated gamma handling.
– Reviewing the locking in the panic/sysrq/kgdb handlers some more.
– Maybe move some function pointers only used by the fb helper from the
crtc helper structs to the fb helper structs. Currently those vtable
misplacements are the last thing tying fb/crtc helpers together.
– Locking around init/teardown still looks a bit fishy. But that ties into
the console_lock madness, so I’m not volunteering

-Paul Gortmaker has a somewhat historical pull request: the IBM PC-XT
MFM 8-bit ISA hard disk driver is off from drivers/block/xd.c :


Please pull the following to get the removal of the original IBM PC-XT
hard disk driver from the block layer (drivers/block/xd.c).

As near as I can tell, it hasn’t seen a run time fix in over a dozen
years, and with drive sizes of 10-20MB, and performance of about 128kB/s
maximum, it is no surprise that it has been completely unused for well
over a decade.

The removal was originally posted[1] well over a month ago, and since
then, there has been nobody objecting to the removal, aside from someone
who had mistakenly confused it with a completely different driver (hd.c)

I’ve done a test merge followed by an allmodconfig/allyesconfig for
x86-64 on the “for-next” branch of:


to ensure that there was no Makefile/Kconfig fallout since the 3.8-rc2
the original commit was created and tested on.



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