kernel news – 13.02.2013

Posted: February 13, 2013 in kernel

-Olof Johansson has arm-soc fixes for 3.8:

We had a number of fixes queued up, but taking a strict pass-through
and weeding out any that either have been broken for a while, or are
for platforms that need out-of-tree code to be useful anyway, or other
fixes for problems that few users are likely to see in real life, only
this short branch of patches remains.

The three patches here are to make SMP boot work on the Calxeda
platforms again. Some of the rework for cpuids on 3.8 broke it (and it
was discovered late, unfortunately).

-John W. Linville and wireless:

Here is another handful of late-breaking fixes intended for the 3.8
stream… Hopefully the will still make it!

There are three mac80211 fixes pulled from Johannes:

“Here are three fixes still for the 3.8 stream, the fix from Cong Ding
for the bad sizeof (Stephen Hemminger had pointed it out before but I’d
promptly forgotten), a mac80211 managed-mode channel context usage fix
where a downgrade would never stop until reaching non-HT and a bug in
the channel determination that could cause invalid channels like HT40+
on channel 11 to be used.”

Also included is a mwl8k fix that avoids an oops when using mwl8k
devices that only support the 5 GHz band.

-Chris Metcalf announces arch/tile fixes for 3.8:

This includes a variety of minor bug fixes, mostly to do with testing
“make allyesconfig”, “make allmodconfig”, “make allnoconfig”, inspired
to Tejun Heo’s observation about Kconfig.freezer not being included.
The largest changes are just syntax changes removing the tile-specific use
of a macro named INT_MASK, which is way too commonly redefined throughout
driver code.

-Helge Deller has a short autofs pull request with a solitary fix:

Hi Linus,

please consider pulling this late fix for autofs, which unbreaks
automounter support for the parisc architecture (and probably aarch64 as

-James Bottomley announces PA-RISC fixes for -rc7:

This is a couple of patches, one to fix a broken build with HPUX
compatibility and the other to solve a coherency problem we’ve been
seeing in our TLB where setting a page read only occasionally fails to
trigger a COW because of a stale writeable TLB entry.

-Paul E. McKenney has a set of SRCU commits for 3.9:

This series contains SRCU changes for 3.9. These include debugging aids,
updates that move towards the goal of permitting srcu_read_lock() and
srcu_read_unlock() to be used from idle and offline CPUs, and a few small


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