kernel news – 06.02.2013

Posted: February 6, 2013 in kernel

-Nicolas Ferre announces at91 fixes for 3.9-rc1:

As I realized reading Linus’ email that it was not possible to queue more
fixes for 3.8, I took my time to send this tiny pull request. But now that
the merge window is approaching, I prefer not to wait for more material.
So, here is a “fixes” pull-request embedding a single patch. I have placed this
one on top of material that you already have from me in your “fixes” and
“for-next” branches.

-Daniel Vetter and drm-intel-next for 3.9:

Probably the last feature pull for 3.9, there’s some fixes outstanding
thought that I’d like to sneak in. And maybe 3.8 takes a bit longer …
Anyway, highlights of this pull:
– Kill the horrible IS_DISPLAYREG hack to handle the mmio offset movements
on vlv, big thanks to Ville.
– Dynamic power well support for Haswell, shaves away a bit when only
using the eDP port on pipe A (Paulo). Plus unclaimed register fixes
uncovered by this.
– Clarifications of the gpu hang/reset state transitions, hopefully fixing
a few spurious -EIO deaths in userspace.
– Haswell ELD fixes.
– Some more (pp)gtt cleanups from Ben.
– A few smaller things all over.

Plus all the stuff from the previous rather small pull request:
– Broadcast RBG improvements and reduced color range fixes from Ville.
– Ben is on a “kill legacy gtt code for good” spree, first pile of patches
– No-relocs and bo lut improvements for faster execbuf from Chris.
– Some refactorings from Imre.

QA filed tons of bugs this cycle, all due to us finally enabling all the
really anal timestamp and vblank counter checks in kms_flip, now that the
locking is fixed and EDID reads don’t cause stalls any more. In short, our
vblank code seems to be ridiculously racy and broken Otoh that’s not
really news.

-Marek Szyprowski has dma-mapping updates for -rc7:

This pull request contains important bugfix patches for 9 architectures,
which finally fixes broken allmodconfig builds introduced in v3.8-rc1.
Those architectures don’t use dma_map_ops based implementation and
require manual update or additional dummy implementations of the missing
new dma-mapping api functions: dma_mmap_coherent and dma_get_sgtable.

-Mauro Carvalho Chehab has a few media fixes for 3.7-rc7:

For a regression fix on a few radio drivers that were preventing radio TX
to work on those devices.

-Greg KH and some small USB fixes aimed at -rc6:

Here are a few tiny USB fixes for 3.8-rc6.

Nothing major here, some host controller bug fixes to resolve a number
of bugs that people have reported, and a bunch of additional device ids
are added to a number of drivers (which caused code to be deleted from
the usb-storage driver, always nice.)

-Kishon has a pull request regarding the ARM part of his USB patches, as

As discussed, I’m sending a pull request for the arch/arm part of my USB patches. These patches are necessary to get MUSB functional in both dt and non-dt boot. Also added dt data for dwc3 present in OMAP. This patch series *depends* on some of the patches which are merged in usb-next.


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