kernel news – 04.02.2013

Posted: February 4, 2013 in kernel

-Dave Airlie and Radeon DRM:

I got these late last week, the main chunks of these fix a rendering
regression since 3.7, and the settle ones all fix the issue where we don’t
wait long enough for the memory controller to settle after turning it off
which causes bad memory reads, they all fix real users bugs, and most of
them are destined for stable.

-Benjamin Herrenschmidt has a PowerPC patch :

Hi Linus !

Just so that you don’t get too bored on your Island here’s a patch for
3.8 fixing a nasty bug that affects the new 64T support that was merged
in 3.7. Please apply whenever you have a chance (and an internet
connection !)

-Greg KH announces the release of kernels 3.0.62, 3.4.29 and 3.7.6.


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