kernel news – 31.01.2013

Posted: January 31, 2013 in kernel

-Philipp Reisner has DRBD improvements and fixes:

Hi Jens,

this is our contribution to the next merge-window:

With this release we have three important improvements to the activity log:

1 Starting with 8.4.3 the activity log has a variable size on disk
(before it was fixed 32KiByte).
-> The limitation of 6433 on the al-extents option is no longer.

2 The activity log can be organised as a stripe set in the meta-data.

3 Never block a caller submitting a BIO, but hand off the writing
of AL-updates to a dedicated worker thread.
(In the past DRBD blocked the caller when a submitted BIO is not
covered by the current active set, until the transaction was written
into the AL.)

With these changed we see substantial improvement in overall IOPs,
on workloads that are bigger than the active set (al-extents * 4MiB)

-Takashi Iwai has sound updates:

Sound fixes for 3.8-rc6

– A collection of small ASoC driver fixes (error path fixes, register
correction, regulator bypass mode fix, etc)
– A few regression fixes and quirks of HD-audio (wrong page attributes
for SG-buffer, Poulsbo/Oaktrail controller fix, digital mic fix for
Acer, etc)
– A fix for USB-audio UAC2 devices wrt FU length check

-Nicolas Ferre has at91 fixes for -rc6, Dave Airlie has a small fix for
drm-fixes regarding the console lockdep and Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
has perf/core improvements and fixes.


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