kernel news – 30.01.2013

Posted: January 30, 2013 in kernel

-Ben Myers has a XFS-related pull request, Dave Airlie
has a short DRM request (from LCA request, intel,
radeon and exynos fixes, nothing too major or
wierd, one dmar fix and a radeon cursor corruption,
along with misc exynos fixes.
), and Lee Jones
has a Linaro-related regulator pull request:

The Mainline AB8500 and DB8500 regulators are currently stuck in the
Victorian era (AKA v2.6.35). This branch contains all of the
upstreamable changes that have occurred on the internal repository and
aims to bring them back into the 20th century.

If you’d like me to sent the patches to the MLs for a better review
platform I can do, but I’d like to get permission before I go and
start upsetting people.

This branch contains 111 patches and has already gone though multiple
cycles of fixing-up, squashing, splitting and revert removal.


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