kernel news – 29.01.2012

Posted: January 29, 2013 in kernel

-Steven WHitehouse has a GFS2 pull request, Joerg Roedel has IOMMU
fixes for -rc5, Neil Brown has one MD fix, and Benjamin Herrenschmidt
has powerpc fixes:

Hi Linus !

Whenever you have a chance between two dives, you might want to consider
pulling my merge branch to pickup a few fixes for 3.8 that have been
accumulating for the last couple of weeks (I was myself travelling
then on vacation). Nothing major, just a handful of powerpc bug fixes
that I consider worth getting in before 3.8 goes final.

-Mark Brown has regulator updates, and Frederic Weisbecker updates
linux-dynticks (cputime):

My last concern is the dependency on CONFIG_64BIT. We rely on cputime_t
being u64 for reasonable nanosec granularity implementation. And therefore
we need a single instruction fetch to read kernel cpustat for atomicity
requirement against concurrent incrementation, which only 64 bit archs
can provide.

It’s probably no big deal to solve this issue. What we need is simply some
atomic accessors.

There is just no emergency though as this new option depends on the context
tracking subsystem that only x86-64 (and soon ppc64) implements yet. And
this set is complex enough already. I think we can deal with that later.

-Martin Schwidefsky has one s390 patch for the upcoming -rc6, and that concludes
the news for today.


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