kernel news – 28.01.2013

Posted: January 28, 2013 in kernel

-Samuel Ortiz has MFD fixes:

This is the first pull request for MFD fixes for 3.8

We have some build failure fixes (twl4030, vexpress, abx500 and tps65910),
some actual runtime oops and lockup fixes (rtsx, da9052), and some more
hypothetical NULL pointers dereferences fixes for pcf50633 and max776xx.

Then we also have additional rtsx fixes for a correct switch output voltage
and clock divider correctness for rtl8411 (rtsx driver), and irqdomain fix for
db8550-prcmu, and some more cosmetic fixes for arizona and wm5102.

-Greg KH announces the release of stable kernels 3.7.5, 3.4.28 and 3.0.61 .

-David Miller and networking:

Much more accumulated than I would have liked due to an
unexpected bout with a nasty flu.

1) AH and ESP input don’t set ECN field correctly because the transport
head of the SKB isn’t set correctly, fix from Li RongQing.

2) If netfilter conntrack zones are disabled, we can return an uninitialized
variable instead of the proper error code. Fix from Borislav Petkov.

3) Fix double SKB free in ath9k driver beacon handling, from Felix Feitkau.

4) Remove bogus assumption about netns cleanup ordering in nf_conntrack,
from Pablo Neira Ayuso.

5) Remove a bogus BUG_ON in the new TCP fastopen code, from Eric
Dumazet. It uses spin_is_locked() in it’s test and is therefore
unsuitable for UP.

6) Fix SELINUX labelling regressions added by the tuntap multiqueue
changes, from Paul Moore.

7) Fix CRC errors with jumbo frame receive in tg3 driver, from Nithin
Nayak Sujir.

8) CXGB4 driver sets interrupt coalescing parameters only on first
queue, rather than all of them. Fix from Thadeu Lima de Souza

9) Fix regression in the dispatch of read/write registers in dm9601
driver, from Tushar Behera.

10) ipv6_append_data miscalculates header length, from Romain KUNTZ.

11) Fix PMTU handling regressions on ipv4 routes, from Steffen
Klassert, Timo Teräs, and Julian Anastasov.

12) In 3c574_cs driver, add necessary parenthesis to “x << y & z"
expression. From Nickolai Zeldovich.

13) macvlan_get_size() causes underallocation netlink message space,
fix from Eric Dumazet.

14) Avoid division by zero in xfrm_replay_advance_bmp(), from Nickolai
Zeldovich. Amusingly the zero check was already there, we were
just performing it after the modulus

15) Some more splice bug fixes from Eric Dumazet, which fix things mostly
eminating from how we now more aggressively use high-order pages in

16) Fix size calculation bug when freeing hash tables in the IPSEC xfrm
code, from Michal Kubecek.

17) Fix PMTU event propagation into socket cached routes, from Steffen

18) Fix off by one in TX buffer release in netxen driver, from Eric

19) Fix rediculous memory allocation requirements introduced by the
tuntap multiqueue changes, from Jason Wang.

20) Remove bogus AMD platform workaround in r8169 driver that causes major
problems in normal operation, from Timo Teräs.

21) virtio-net set affinity and select queue don't handle discontiguous
cpu numbers properly, fix from Wanlong Gao.

22) Fix a route refcounting issue in loopback driver, from Eric Dumazet.
There's a similar fix coming that we might add to the macvlan driver
as well.

23) Fix SKB leaks in batman-adv's distributed arp table code, from
Matthias Schiffer.

24) r8169 driver gives descriptor ownership back the hardware before we're
done reading the VLAN tag out of it, fix from Francois Romieu.

25) Checksums not calculated properly in GRE tunnel driver fix from
Pravin B Shelar.

26) Fix SCTP memory leak on namespace exit.


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