kernel news – 25.01.2013

Posted: January 25, 2013 in kernel

-Rafael J. Wysocki has ACPI and PM fixes for -rc5:

Included are:

* Two cpuidle initialization fixes (both -stable material) from
Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk.

* cpufreq regression fixes for AMD processors, mostly related to the change
of the default driver for newer CPUs from powernow-k8 to acpi-cpufreq.
From Borislav Petkov, Stefan Bader, Matthew Garrett.

* ACPI cpufreq fix related to system reconfigurations such as the switch
from battery to AC power from Thomas Schlichter (-stable material).

* cpufreq and devfreq fixes related to incorrect usage of operating
performance points (OPP) framework and RCU from Nishanth Menon
(-stable material).

* APEI workaround for incorrect BIOS information from Lans Zhang.

-Marcelo Tosatti has a KVM bugfix related to PPC, Dave Airlie
has fbcon lokcing fixes, and Chris Mason has btrfs fixes:

It turns out that we had two crc bugs when running fsx-linux in a
loop. Many thanks to Josef, Miao Xie, and Dave Sterba for nailing it
all down. Miao also has a new OOM fix in this v2 pull as well.

Ilya fixed a regression Liu Bo found in the balance ioctls for pausing
and resuming a running balance across drives.

Josef’s orphan truncate patch fixes an obscure corruption we’d see
during xfstests.

Arne’s patches address problems with subvolume quotas. If the user
destroys quota groups incorrectly the FS will refuse to mount.

The rest are smaller fixes and plugs for memory leaks.


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