kernel news – 23.01.2013

Posted: January 23, 2013 in kernel

-Linus Waleij has GPIO fixes, Miklos Szeredi has fuse fixes
for 3.8, John Stultz has timekeeping changes for 3.9,
Helge Deller has changes for the PA-RISC arch destined for
-rc5, and Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo has perf/urgent fixes.

-Bjorn Helgaas and some PCI updates:

Here are some more fixes for v3.8. The most important is a fix for a
pciehp deadlock that occurs when unplugging a Thunderbolt adapter. We also
applied the same fix to shpchp, removed CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL dependencies,
fixed a pcie_aspm=force problem, and fixed a refcount leak.

-Chris Mason announces btrfs fixes:

We’ve been hammering away at a crc corruption as well, which I was
really hoping to get into this pull. It isn’t nailed down yet, but we
were finally able to get a solid way to reproduce. The only good
news is it isn’t a recent regression.

The most important batch of fixes in here come from Ilya. They address
a regression Liu Bo found in the balance ioctls for pausing and resuming
a running balance across drives.

Josef’s orphan truncate patch fixes an obscure corruption we’d see
during xfstests.

Arne’s patches address problems with subvolume quotas. If the user
destroys quota groups incorrectly the FS will refuse to mount.

The rest are smaller fixes and plugs for memory leaks.


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